Samstag, 6. April 2013

Yellow storm - Whirlwind of the Imperial Fists WIP

Hey there people!

I spent the last weekend in Berlin, meeting with Klaus, Zaphod, Mati and Georc.
My bus went at 4.25 Saturday morning and went back at 20.15 Monday evening.
Powerpacked time, this time, we actually saw something else then little toy soldiers.

I think thats the reason why it is a WIP tank and no finished one^^

Yes, another one, I have to paint them there, don't know why.

I always loved the Imperial Fists, because....well, because they are yellow I think, love this color. First try with color modulation technique, forced practice in chipping and scratching with brush (the damn chipping fluid dried too hey, no one sees the modulated rust beneath the yellow...gnaaa)
I like him so far, the pinwash and all the streaks will bring more life and definition into this baby.
So lets make him rusty, expect more pics soon.

P.s. He'll be on sale right after he's finished

Have a nice day my friends

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