Donnerstag, 25. April 2013

Study works

No miniatures today, but a lot of color...
Today we had our first presentation in this years main draft and so I made three pictures, a model and some plans tonight. I tried to do something new, adding classic mediums like water color to the pictures and catch more atmosphere then correctness. I really like this way of expressing your visions in the early stages and think I am gonna stay with it from now on.

An old industrial area in Hamburg, situated at a big basin of water with some nice port character.
Thought how perfect all these old halls and empty squares would be for artists and the people living there to get them self a place to express them.

One of the channels there, with my vision of it. Think I am getting better at this.

So what could we do with these rooms...

Maybe some painting this weekend, 
read you soon

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