Dienstag, 26. Juni 2012

Sonntag, 17. Juni 2012

Blood Angel Landraider, more Space Wolves and and and...

Hello out there, last two weeks were  quiet ones, work, an illness and one ore two good festivals kept me away from everything, painting and blogging alike.

But today I started early in the morning, finishing the assembly of two tanks and one building, starting my Nurgle Blight Drone and her socket.
Two new Cybots, built for my Space Wolves, and a droppod joined them and an empty can of Chaos Black Spray was the result...
Wow, 8 hours and no paint at my hands, time to change this...and now, a few hours later my airbrush work for today is done.

I think today my energy reached the rare level of bursting out with absolutely now way to stop it, I couldn't help myself, I had to built, built, prime and paint.
I love such days!

A fine ending for an epic weekend, spent with friends, music and rainy streets as biggest dance floor in our city.

Now some pics :)

As I mentioned above, there is a Land Raider...well he may look a bit chaotic right now, but damn, I love him already. I read some very inspiring articles in Forgeworld's new Master Class 2 and wanted to try the effect they used at their Great Brass Scorpion...well, I hadn't any Chaos models available...

but an old Raider I couldn't use for my planned army lists. So I decided that Blood Angels would also be very fitting for the technique. He will hit Ebay when ready, just for the practice.

He was primed with chaos black, than airbrushed with golden griffon (dry) and vallejo silver.

A mix of  mephiston red and rhinox hide was sprayed in lines over the whole tank.

Then several layers if Tamyia Clear Red were sprayed over the whole thing, to achieve that glossy, glowy effect.

I am also still working on my Wolves:

Read you soon, with very cool news and an complete step by step article for the blight drone :)

Mittwoch, 6. Juni 2012

Nighttime painting...

Well, some of us can't sleep...
some watch tv, some read, some walk around and scare poor people in the streets...and some paint.
What could be a better mini than a nice vampire to paint at this unholy hour :)

I thought it would be cool to show some progress.
I started with a mix of dark flesh and bleached bone as a basecoat.
Then I used the wet in wet technique with pure dark flesh for the shadows and pure bleached bone for the higlight areas. (First picture)

Then I started to blend everything together and made some stronger contrasts between light and shadows.
Shadow color: more and more chaos black mixed with dark flesh.
Light color: more and more bleached bone mixed with dark flesh.
The shadows were applied using very thin color, whilst the light was painted very thick, for it doesn't work out with thin color.
So I had to blend the light area with many layers of the base color.
I repeat this several times, applying smaller bright areas and blending them in.
This way, the color gets smooth.

Sonntag, 3. Juni 2012

Ork Burna-bommer for Ebay ready!

Finally, it is done! 
After unboxing him friday morning, the painting ended sunday evening.

He is up at Ebay now, searching for a new home.
You can find him here: 

If you'd like some bigger pictures, here are the cmon links. I would be very happy if some of you would vote for him!

Please rate just the flyer himself, the Base is empty so the new owner can personalize it for his own army.

Now some thoughts...
WOW I painted this little fella over one weekend...I didn't know I was able to do such miracles :)
I learned much and more with him, some old things, that I had forgotten and a few new ones but the most important improvement wasn't about weathering, airbrushing or oil colors...it was about me, my heart and my way of painting.
Because I painted him alone...ok I paint everything myself, but what I mean is I had no company while painting him.
Those of you who read here from time to time may know I had big problems with painting after my last relationship ended, and the painting evenings we had with it. I was so used to painting together that it lost its taste to do this allone.

Thanks to Derwish, for some talking in Hamburg that reminded me why some time alone with brushes and little toy soldiers can be so healing and nice. I think I am finally back to normal, I enjoy my hobby, I enjoy the colors and yes, life itself. 
I am so god damn happy right now :)

Enjoy your time, feel free to leave some words about the flyer (I would like to know your opinions) and have a good day everyone.

Ebay-Burna Bomba WIP 4

Rusting finished!
Now I'll assamble and paint the pilots and all the little bombs. Then I'll put everything together, do some final details and hopefully he'll be ready in time.

Ebay-Burna Bomba WIP 3

Last WIP tonight. tomorrow morning I'll go on...

Hell, this is fun!
Painting high tabletop standard is very relaxing, for it doesnt't take as long as showcase painting.
Faster progress, little senses of achievement, its way more easy to stay motivated.

Samstag, 2. Juni 2012

Ebay-Burna Bomba WIP 2

The good part of weathering still in progress...
I  think the deadline will be reached...

WIP Ork Burna Bomba for Ebay

I'll try to finish him until tomorrow evening, so he can hit Ebay.

Airbrush work is done, now comes the funny part, chipping, weathering, rusting...