Montag, 14. Dezember 2015

Age of Sigmar Varanguard Nurgle Knight

It's been long since I saw a personal must-paint miniature but the new Varan Knights from GW caught my eye.
For me they have a very strong feeling of the old Realm of Chaos artworks, which defined my view on chaos.

I got the chance to paint one up as sample for the store I work at, and as I got the miniature one day before release it had to be a speed paint. After a night of painting I am happy how he turned out for a gaming miniature and he will lead my nurgle forces to battle as a mounted general.

For now he will stand in our what's new cabinet, but when his duty there is done he'll get a new and proper base and some areas will be reworked but mostly he's done!

The scythe from the Chaos General on Manticore and a head from the Blightkings added the Nurgle feeling. 

The shields are really big and a good piece to practice blendings and battle damage.

I also used him as my entry for the employee category in this years store painting contest.

This year was calm here but we used the time to regenerate and plan some nice things for next year.
I am testing new ways to make better videos and some new equipment should add more quality. For now I don't want to post videos before I am satisfied with how they turn out.