Dienstag, 26. März 2013

Charity Bust WIP and news from the studio

Hodididelydooo, does anyone want some toast?
Well, no toast today, but hey, its a post....HA Klaus, my plays of words are as bad as yours ;)

Sorry for that, but we have a constant game of bad humor here.

Here is some good for you: Toasty

I managed to get my hands on some new furniture for the studio and last night some building and cleaning had to be done. As my studies start again next week and some projects that require space are in the waiting line there had to be done something.

There are some hints in this picture...
The SNES will be an good excuse not to paint I think, I love that damn thing.
And hey, what's that...a load of Tamyia paints, AK products and all kinds of cool stuff...yes my packages arrived and now it is time to try out that stuff and write reviews and some new tutorials!
With my new Airbrush waiting for first attacks on grey plastic there will be some tank action soon again.

This are the projects that stand on top of my I-wished-those-were-finished-list.
The wolves will get their arms, heads and backpacks soon, I couldn't finish them because my old airbrush didn't work anymore. Typhus will be leader of my Nurgle Force for 40k.
The big guy with the nice gloves was started during my Berlin vacation to have something not rolling on chains. Undead skeleton king guy needs some finework on the socket and details but I already learned a load with him.

And wait, who's this big headed guy?
This is my bust for our charity auctions!
I love him, the sculpt is awesome and painting him is a nice task.
Tried some new ways to paint the leather and my new passion for skin.
Still a lot to do but I think motivation for this one will stay strong.

He will be sold as soon as he is finished and the money will support my friends that are building a new school in Argentina right now. Find more information here: http://www.cc-fernandez.org/de/

Read you soon again

Samstag, 23. März 2013

CHARITY STARTS NOW! Selling unpainted miniatures for charity!


As I told you, I will sell the minis I got from Jeremie Bonamant Teboul to you and donate the money to a charity project. I won't take any money out of it. The money for the postage is spent for the packaging and the postage fee. The rest of the money goes to a charity project in Argentina. As you know Martin does study architecture and some of his study mates are in Argentina building a school. Here's the link to all the information about it:

Well as I talked to Zaphod (check his blog http://masterminis.blogspot.de/ ) about it, he had the idea that if you've bought one of the minis, you could paint it, send it back to me and I'll sell it again and donate the money to the same or another charity project. YEAH WHAT A FUNKEY IDEA! You get painting fun and two times the feeling of doing something good for a bit of money!

Well as this is a charity thing I try to raise as much money as possible. So the prices for the miniatures are the same as on the www.figone.fr shop and the idea is, that if you like you can pay more money for them, as they're quite cheap miniatures when you see it from the viewpoint of the sculpt. They're all just awesome!

I will try to make the whole thing as transparent as possible. I will start a thread on www.das-bemalforum.de (link will follow as soon as I opened the thread there). There I will write a list which miniatures will be sold. You've got to weeks to send me a PM on www.das-bemalforum.de how much you would spend for the miniature/s you want. After the two weeks the miniature goes to the highest bidder and the bidder and the amount of money he offered for the miniature will be written down in the start post of that thread. This way you will know how high the total amount of money it I got for the miniatures. When I'll donate the money to the project, I will somehow show you that I actually donated it by showing you a accounts current or/and an official document of the charity organisation that they did receive the money.
Well and If you're one of the crazy dudes who wants to buy one of the miniatures, paint it and send it back to me, so I can sell it again, it will be the same procedure. But as I don't want to set you under pressure to paint it fast, when you buy the miniature please tell me if you're one of the crazy awesome dudes and I will add this detail in the start post. Then I will wait until all miniatures of the yappadippiewhoopiedoopie dudes are send back to me before I'll start selling them. Till than I keep them in my cabinet and maybe take them to a painting contest if they've got unvetted categories like on the Duke of Bavaria. But I'll see. The charity project the money from the painted miniatures goes to, might not be the same. It depends on how long the last miniature needs to arrive at my place.

As you saw on the last post about the charity thing, there were also the two Jeremie Bonamant Teboul DVDs. These two DVDs will go to one of the ones who have send their painted miniature back to me. The winner will be drawn with www.random.org

Well as I live in germany, the postage for the germans is cheaper than for the ones not living in germany. But I'll try to make a compromise between the cheapest and sending it safely to you're place or I'll just send it the way you want it to be sended, you're the one paying...
But also if I tell you how high the postage is and you're not satisfied because you know there's a cheaper way to send it, please tell me and I'll send it your way.

Here's the link to the Thread where the minis are sold:

All this contacting procedure will be done via PM or in the thread on www.das-bemalforum.de

All details will be in the thread on www.das-bemalforum.de

Pictures showing the miniatures will be in the thread on the bemalforum and also links to more pictures on my Picasa account.


Montag, 18. März 2013

Selling unpainted Miniatures for charity! SOON!

Hello fellow,

last weekend I've been at my hometown Bremen to celebrate my birthday with my parents. On Sunday when I arrived at home in Dresden, I found a card in my mail box, saying I've received a package. Today I picked it up and it was from france. In January I translated the subtitles for Jeremie Bonamant Tebouls new DVD (out now and available here: http://www.figone.fr/ ) and as a salary he said I could chose from their miniature range. Just the first evening after I pledged to help Jeremie, when I was lying in bed trying to sleep, a thought came to my mind. Well since middle of octobre last year I got a new job and earn enough money to buy all the miniatures I want. So I thought I ask Jeremie for a long list of miniatures and tell him that I will sell them for charity, without keeping even a penny for me. The foooool he trusted me! No just kidding...

He has send all the miniatures on the list and even the first Jeremie DVD extra! See alllll the precccciiiooouuuussss miniatures!

During this week I will take better pictures of them and start a thread on www.das-bemalforum.de to sell them. I'm still thinking about how much I want for them, but as it is charity I think at least the usual price and if a person wants to give more, thanks! And also I'm thinking about just to sell them inside germany to keep it it uncomplicated. The money will go to a charity project Martin introduced here a while ago, friends of him builduing a school in argentina. But if this project doesn't exist anymore, I'll chose another one. I will try to make the whole thing as transparent as possible, so you can see that I don't take money out of it.

So that's it for today more will follow soon!


Mittwoch, 13. März 2013

Jeremie Bonamant Teboule Workshop in Berlin (July)

Hello my little painting friends!

I just wanted to announce that there'll be a Jeremie Bonamant Teboule Workshop in Berlin in July. Here's the flyer:

If you want to visit the workshop you have to contact http://www.shop.battlefield-berlin.de/ for further informations.

Have fun!

Sonntag, 10. März 2013

Chaoslord Wip and Barbarian Dude

So many days went by flying since my last post in this holy halls, but so much append. I got a scholarship for a PhD at the Goethe-University Frankfurt - one Step closer to the goal of becoming the next Dr. Indiana Jones..... So most of my time was consumed by the search for a new apartment and the organisation of the move. But never the less i found some time to paint the new Chaos Lord by GW. Its still in a WIP stage cause I haven't decided, whether I should use the original head or another one from my bits box.

Yesterday I found a package in my mailbox, filled with the Barbarian Dude. Last Week is stumbled upon the beautiful sculpt of a barbarian, sculpted by Emmanuel Giovanni, for his Range "Raining Frogs Garage". Sadly the miniature is limited to 350 casts, but I was quick enough to get one. The mini comes in a simple ziplock bag with a card, saying which number of the limited version you got.

The miniatur itself comes in 4 parts. The body, the crossed armes, the axe and a little hairpice. 

The axe and the body are of really good quality concerning the cast. on the left side of the Back and on the inside oft the left leg, one can find some mold lines, but they are so small you don't really see them on the pictures. On the arms the mold lines are a bit worse, but still easy to fix. And one of them is on the inseide so you don't even see it, when the mini is assembled.

Altogether it is a wounderful miniature. He reminds me a little bit of a certain Barbarian form a certain PC game, lets say, he looks as if he has slain the Lord of Hell many thousand times.... The real highlight of the sculpt is the face, its so atmospheric and grumpy - but see for your self

So today I found some time to clean the cast, fill some minor holes and the miscasts on the arms and the back. And I build a base using some Milliput to form some landscape. The rocks are done with a mixture of Milliput and Fimo. If your interested, i can write you a tutorial. The base will be finished after the paint job by adding some snow and a bit of old grass here and there....

Now its priming time. The axe will be painted seperatly, allowing a better handling.  

Stay tuned for more.

Mittwoch, 6. März 2013

Our first videos!

During our vacation in Berlin,
Zaphod filmed a few minis of us.
I always wanted to use this medium, as it can show so many things a single photo can't.
Let us know what you think, and soon there could be other filmed projects as well :)

Watch it!

Have a nice day everyone.

Montag, 4. März 2013

Back from vacation - finished tanks

It's been a while since I found the time to paint and enjoy it without the pressure of drafts and exams.
Last Saturday I took a bus to Berlin and visited my friend Zaphod, met Mati, my fellow blogger Bloodmaster, and many others.
I didn't check emails, the Blog or Facebook, my cellphone was off and for the first time in months, I just lived happy from day to day.
While Zappi edited his DVD sets I plundered the Battlefield Berlin (probably the most awesome miniature store existing), watched tons of painting dvds, two seasons Game of Thrones, the thirst season of classic Startrek ...and painted for one week.

Perfect Nerd-vacation.

Back in the old days of the empire, all the vehicles we associate with Space Marines were also used by Imperial Guard. I wanted to paint different "historic" camo patterns, using some really great step by steps and tutorial videos. This was a try with winter camo, heavily rusted and ancient.

Tallarn Desert Tank. Both tanks were exercises in weathering, trying to bring the 40K world to live, where they are used in decade long campaigns, with no time to clean or paint them new.

I will write a little bit more to them soon, right now I am sick and my bed calls for the next round of sleep.
Read you soon.