Montag, 15. April 2013

Yellow Storm finished, Blight Drone finished, me finished too

Goooood morning people!

It's a beautiful sunny day, it's warm as hell here and I am in damn good mood toay. The last days were kind of a nightmare, my compressor broken, the whirlwind covered in whitish misty varnish, yesterday my cats broke into my studio and went on total destruction tour, laying almost all my gear, projects and furniture to waste...I would have never expected how much damage such small animals could cause.
But as we all know, no way to change the past and so I went on, cleaned the chaos and finished the whirlwind and Blight Drone to enter them in Golden Vinci competition 2013. That's also the reason why the tank didn't went to ebay yesterday, I would like to know whether he can win something there and sell him afterwards. 
So without any further delay, enjoy the glory of our beloved empire...

I like how he turned out in the end and I learned a lot from him. I will take my time to study some real world references to avoid unrealistic scratches in the future, I will never mix my varnish with water again, I know what AK Streaks is good for and where I will stay with oil color. Painted lenses really do ad something to the tank ^^
I would love to hear your opinion down in the comments!

No empire without enemies, no order without comes the Blight Drone! Most of you will know this fella, because he was the hero of  this Step by Step tutorial! Now he's based and I consider him done until the rest of his battle brothers are painted. Then, in the far future, there may be some changes and special effects.

Next in line are a Tau Hammerhead with Farstrike as pilot and a Tau Razorshark Strike Fighter. Assembly line work again. 

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Have a nice sunny day, hunt your friends with water pistols, have a barbecue for dinner or just enjoy doing nothing.  

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