Mittwoch, 10. April 2013

Charity Auction Level 1 is over!

Well It's over since sunday, but now I got some minutes to tell you how much the dudes raised. We got a total sum of   364,41 €!!! Amazing! I'm really happy we were able to collect so much money for the charity project! 

When I've got all the money collected, I'll send it to the charity organization. Thanks to everbody who took part in the auction! You're just great!

Even for Level 2 of this hole thing some of the dudes said they would participate. Meaning they paint their minis they bought from me and send them back to me so I can sell them again! To which charity project this money goes I don't know yet, because painting them and getting them back might take some month. So maybe it's going to be the same organization, maybe another one. I'll see.

So stay tuned because if you haven't participated in level 1, you can participate in level 2 by buying one of the painted miniatures! Thanks.

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