Mittwoch, 24. April 2013

Old tank new glory - New and fine pictures of the Tallarn Leman Russ

Hello out there,
fellow dreamers. What a beautiful sunny day we have here in Dresden. Lasercutting, rendering, airbrushing some university stuff, thats what this day brought to me. That reminds me of the unfinished lasercutting tutorial I started around that time last year. Maybe time to finish it, what do you think?

The Valhalla Predator wasn't the only old work that needed some new photos and so here comes the second of my latest vehicles, a Tallarn Leman Russ, figthing and rusting for ages of war in the deadliest deserts of the 41st millennium.  

As with Valhalla, you can find more views and bigger pictures of him here on Putty and Paint or cmon .
Some readers told me our articles were a bit too long and heavy with pictures. Thinking of the big amount of cool Blogs out there, they might be right. It sure takes time to keep an overview, so I decided to give you the opportunity to decide if you WANT to see more pictures  and keep our Blogposts shorter. What do you think, is this the right way to do it? Tell us in the comments please!

I'd like to remind you of my running Ebay - auctions . This week the Tau Razorshark Strikefighter and a limited Codex Dark Angels are sold, two nice opportunities to get something unique and rare. And yes, I ship worldwide.

Have a nice day my friends and enjoy the sun

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