Sonntag, 21. April 2013

Miniature artists unite! Read if you sell or love to buy miniatures in the internet / Valhalla tank rolling in

So todays post will focus on two things. First is a new line of articles I would like to launch every Sunday, but I need your help for that. Second are new pictures of the now finished Valhalla Predator.

New articles? What could that be...well, it's a simple idea. There are many great artists out there who like or are forced to sell their miniatures. Projects they put their heart, soul and joy in and that should raise an appropriate price. Don't get me wrong if you are a buyer, everyone loves to hunt for bargains. Me too, but I think there is quite a difference between buying and old and dipped Rhino for 10 bucks or a fully weathered and blended tank everyone will be jealous of.
For example, the artist has to buy the model first. Than he invests hours of work into building and panting it.
Let's guess he invests 10 hours into a Landraider, which is a centerpiece of most Space Marine armies. He pays 60 bucks to get it. If we think of a very low price per hour, let's guess 5 Euro (and yes, thats damn low) he had to sell the Raider for 110 Euro (you can change the currency, it doesn't matter that much).
If people only bid 70 (and yes, this things happen, remember the Leman Russ Squadron I painted for that giant Step by Step? Over 90 pictures, all edited? Read by over 2000 people until today? The buyers weren't willing to pay the BOXPRICE) he worked for 10 bucks. That's one per hour. Would you want such a salary?
Don't get me wrong here, it's not about my tanks only, it's about many artists works. If you go into a store you want to be treated nice, because the people there are payed to do so. Same with restaurants, craftsman, etc.
I can't count how often I read through the forums or hear the people in our local stores complaining about that expensive painters out there, be it commission or Ebay start prices. And as a person who knows many of that "expensive" painters personally (and happen to be one myself) that makes my heart heavy.
We are no evil businessman bathing in your money, we are normal persons just as you, trying to make our way through everyday life  and the bills everyone has to pay.

I remember many times we were sitting in someones kitchen, talking about how price dumping (hell yeah, I can dip your entire army for 50 cent per model...) and the missing awareness of how much work the painter invests in his models kill auctions. Take your favorite miniature, sell it for 5 Euro and you'll know what I mean.

The second killer is a lack of advertisement and awareness. There are many people out there selling their stuff and advertise it on their blogs, but how many people do they reach? A few hundred at best (most of them not interested in buying, not able to spend much, ...).

So what I thought of is a weekly column featuring auctions that run for the week the article is published.
If you are selling something (and I really mean things you invested time, that are important for you, ...) on Ebay or want to sell it on a direct way you can contact me via our (T)Raumschmiede Facebookpage  or leave a comment here on the Blog so I can give you my mail adress. 
I'll than publish them, so  our readers are aware of what's sold. If you want to do so on your own Blogs or websites from time to time, feel free to do so. 
To make the article interesting to read I'd like to feature YOU. A little interview, your work area, little tricks to keep motivated, whatever you can think of. One artist per weak, volunteers shout here ;)
The article will be posted every Monday (because most auctions start Sunday evening and I can't post links until the auction started )

People don't know what we are doing? So let us show!
And yes, this "service" is for free. It's for us painters, not the sake of money.

 Today I only have one auction I stumbled upon and it's an Ultramarine Cybot from my friend Schiraga.
It is painted to look good on the battlefield (and he did a nice job there, I really like his crazy painting style) and the great thing about it (and my main reason to feature it) that he doesn't keep the money!
He uses it for the regular painters meetings "Malerwartung" in Göppingen to buy material etc.
I think that's awesome and so I want to share it with you!

It ends today, so be fast ;)

And now to the promised part two, one of my favorite tanks in new glory.  Here comes Valhalla - Eternal war.

If you like him, feel free to vote here on Putty and Paint or coolminiornot !

Have a nice day my friends and help me starting our new article series ;)


  1. I think the biggest problem with miniature painters is that they look for buyers all in the wrong places.

    If it is a hobby, I think 10$/€ per hour is a low but fair salary. If you do this professionally, I would think 10 is not enough. I mean - you cannot just buy this level of skill everywhere. Either train yourself for years or cough up the dough for a masterpiece :D

    On the other hand, can't blame people to hunt for bargains, either. On Ebay you don't need one buyer who wants your stuff, you need at least

  2. Very good idea about this type of articles.
    I'll follow it with interest.
    Coloured Dust

  3. Jipp Zappi, I think your right in points one and three.
    Personally I don't think it should make a difference whether the someone paints a piece for selling or is forced to sell one of his hobby projects later for whatever reason. If both pieces are great, both deserve the same price (because same work, often the private projects took way longer than the ones planned to sell).
    Most times the "professional things" are just better because the painters have way more practice, then of cause they are worth more.

    And thank you Arbal :) We already plan the first article for next week, having the first spotlight column.

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