Montag, 27. Oktober 2014

Back from the dead! About hobby zombies and tiny soldiers

Well, where should I start...
You might have noticed the silence here during the last months, thanks for everyone still subscribed here, on facebook, youtube etc.

Long story short, I died, became one of the undead and was busy finding brains and avoiding being shot by zombie hunters...

That is the fun way to see it, reality was a bit darker though. I went through a hard time with depression becoming too heavy to bear. A problem I knew years about, they became really bad this year and I went through some doctors, their therapies and medicines and ended up being leveled to feeling sad, but also no feeling happy. Without emotion, I wasn't able to care about the blog, my dearest or painting. Maybe I'll write some things about this someday, another blogger really helped me with his experiences.
In some way, I really was a zombie and didn't realize it.

Right now, I am without medication and see some things clear again, one of them how badly I ignored my (T)Raumschmiede.

But enough about that, just thought I should explain the silence.
Today I want to show you the project that reignited my painting passion!

This was a commission for flames of war, and hell, I thought infinity miniatures were small!
Italian tank company for a friend of mine, it had a hard deadline, because it's a tournament army and it's first battle was last Saturday. (Took best painted there, which really surprised me)
In the end, I started Thursday 8 pm and ended Friday 7.47 pm. That's right, I painted nearly 24 hours after months of absence from the hobby. That kind of forced me back to it, because depression is no excuse for delay, I'am a professional after all.
After finishing, I really wanted to paint more, and much followed. The next day I painted a chaos general, worked on my army for the endtimes...but this will be future posts!

I really like the scale and this won't be my last adventure in this miniature range!

I'd like to end this post with some words of gratitude.
Thanks to my blog mate Klaus, who kept on posting and always was very patient with me and my problems, thanks to you all for following us and the biggest thanks to my girl, who really had a hard time with me but still stands at my side against all those zombiehunters and life's troubles!
Read you soon (promised)