Dienstag, 27. August 2013

That is not dead which can eternal lie....

...and with strange aeons even Martin may write.

Hello my dear readers, I am back to blogging!
A few things about the silence, the future and the things I am doing right now.

I spent the best part of my summer lying sick in bed, and the rest trying to finish my draft, that I couldn't work at for weeks. In the end everything became a race against time and the days seemed to be nightmares. No time to paint or write articles, I think everybody will understand.
After finishing and being sick again (not my year I guess) I spent a short vacation over at Zaphods Palace in Berlin and finally found some rest. Now I think it's time to show you my draft model, give a sneak peak for my workshop, that will take place this weekend and finally, invite you to join us.

The draft
The draft was about urban planning, we had to work at a district in Hamburg. Some day I might lose some words on it, if someone is interested. Today just impressions.

early version of the work model...

...that finally was built in wood. Two nights of sawing, polishing and gluing and a big session in our Laserpool.

I am very happy how it turned out in the end. 

By far not my best rendering, but for an hour not to bad I guess.

The workshop
This weekend will be very special for me, as I'll travel to Göppingen to hold my first painting class.
The topic? Tanks! Weathering! Speedpainting! Everybody who knows my work could have guessed it.
Find the details here
As little preview just one of the things that will improve the learning effect, a step by step tank, showing the different stages of the process.

This weekend will be full of painting, nice people and big metal monsters.

The giveaway
I know, this is really really short time, but as our class still is very small (which guaranties intensive work with every participant ) I thought I'd invite you to join us. If you have time this weekend, an airbrush and compressor and the urge to learn how to paint awesome vehicles in no time, take part! New participants can pay at the workshop!

And one of you has the chance to win a FREE workshop weekend! You only pay the travel costs and a place to sleep. As weekend gets closer, I will draw and announce the winner TOMORROW evening!

Just like us at Facebook and comment todays post! If you don't use facebook, and don't want to register...no problem, comments here in this post will also have a chance to win!

Good luck and read you tomorrow evening, when the second stage by stage tank will be revealed...