Samstag, 20. April 2013

Tau Razorshark WIP

Just a little wip today. I started him last night to try out my new Silverline and I am quite happy with the smoothness of everything. That airbrush just rocks, now the only thing I still need is a new compressor, as working with the old one is unpredictable. It suddenly stops pumping and such things, really no fun.
I made some Shots of masking him to add a new chapter to our tutorial line, just have to edit this.

Some Decals, classic black for the engines and edge highlights on the black stuff (I wanted to do something close to the original Tau color scheme...which I failed with the white, but it looked to good to spray it red) and the weathering stage, which won't be as dirty as usual this time. Maybe he gets ready today?

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