Dienstag, 16. April 2013

It's all about community! Advertisement for an awesome auction and a magic trick to keep you readin ;)

Hey folks,
I experienced some massive headaches while sitting in my architectural theory class and decided to calm down a bit while browsing on putty and paint . What I found was a really great miniature, for me, as a Tau collector of the thirst hour and as a crisp and beautiful paintjob.
And wait, what? This is on sale! To help somebody realizing a short film. As I love art in every form and especially such small personal projects, I would have loved to buy this myself and dedicate my money to the cause. As we all know, I don't own such things as money, so I wanted to advertise it at least.

So if you love Tau (it is a 54mm Tau Fire Warrior, how awesome) or just the art of Angel Giraldez (and who does not) here is your chance to make yourself a gift.
You can bid on it here on Ebay!!  

You don't know Angel Giraldez?? Oh, don't mind, that's just the guy who paints that friggin awesome Infinity Promo Paintjobs...check out his blog here!! 

Really, have a look and make so many people happy...YOU for owning such a beauty, ANGEL, for letting his plan work and THE FILMCREW for being supported. With just one bid, awesome, isn't it?
Personally, I don't know Angel and I am quite sure he never heard of me either, but anyone who does something (painting, in this case) to help others deserves respect. 

And now, as promised...some magic inspired by the galactic president who dried my tears when my Whirlwind went white. The matte varnish dried out misty and whitish (my Valhalla tank was jealous) and over 15 hours of work and the money I hoped to earn from them destroyed within 5 minutes. Some may call me a negative thinking person, but I was pissed, distraught and really really mad at this point (my compressor broke just half an hour before and that layer of varnish was his really last task after trying to fix him).
I mean...come on, really?

Winter is coming...the white mist spreads, this was an early stage...I don't have pictures of the full white effect, I...I just couldn't photograph this...and I really didn't think of it as I was quite distracted by the whole thing. What happened next? Well, I wrote some messages with Zaphod, complaining about how unfair the world is, how I hated that varnish and stuff (yeah, quite whiny but hey, who wouldn't understand) and suddenly he sent me a loooong list of ways to REPAIR this! I wanted to share the one I tried with you, to avoid such negative feelings in your hearts when you are the ones, coincidence chooses to annoy.

I never heard of the possibility to repair such things and so I was happy to hear, that gloss varnish is our friend and savior...yes, it is so simple. Just spraycoat the whole thing with gloss varnish, as this negotiates the misty effect. After a good time of drying you can repeat your matte (I used satin for the second round) varnishing. And I learned that you should never thin your varnishes with water, from now on Tamyia Thinner will be my choice.

The left side is glossed, while the right still is misty. I think it's easy to see the difference.

After glossing the whole tank, the yellow was bright and full of life again. No mist, no white, just my beloved yellow. That little trick really saved my day and maybe someday, it will save yours too.

Read you soon again my friends and don't forget to check Angel's Fire Warrior Auction ;)

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  1. Hey :)

    Glad the gloss varnish trick helped - although I really would have loved to see what happens with my second idea: Olive Oil :D