Sonntag, 29. September 2013

Review about my one on one Workshop with GeOrc on 20th till 22nd September

Jumbalaya people!

Last weekend I've been once again to Berlin. This time it was for an one on one workshop with my buddy, master in law, and this time teacher GeOrc ( ). If you didn't know GeOrc yet, he's in the painting hobby since 1998 and since then he horded a heap of golden, silver and bronze demons at the Golden Demon competitions. He's well known for his smoooooth blendings and especially for his NMM style (see some old works on CMON here -he didn't stop painting, just stopped posting them there as he moved to Facebook).

Dienstag, 24. September 2013

Awesome project for all explorators out there! - Back the worlds cheapest 3d printer for 100 bucks!

The Omnissiah surely is with the guys over at Peachy Printer!

There are a lot of cool kickstarters out there, a few I backed, many I couldn't afford.
But this one really got me. Have a look on their video and you'll understand why I think.
This guys tried to invent something affordable, something that could change our daily life and happens without the big industrial players. I am in love with it!

Kitbashing the first prototype from household stuff, developing it further and further with the goal of changing the world.

A 3d printer for 100 $ ? Serious? I don't care weather the technology is fine enough for our miniature needs, I don't care weather I have to sand the models for hours, I just want to see this stuff develop!
Sure, it's not what the high end & high price models offer, but imagine what it COULD be some day! If people give them the chance to develop and produce without the big companies.

I surely will try to raise the money with my next auctions, it is fine enough for rough terrain and conversion parts, which I model with my cad software every day.
And if  it should be just an "expenisve" toy afterall, I don't care. I think this is something many of us could use, AND effort.

(You may notice, I have a crush on this)

So if you can spare the money, maybe buy one unit or character less a month and join. I have a feeling that this could be the beginning of something big.

Read you soon my friends, with new content, new tutorials and new equipment that pushes our possibilities! A very special person offered us some financial support to push our dream forwards, the dream of helping you with our experience, of creating a site worth visiting and maybe some day, make a living of our passion.
And as this person really helped my dreams develop, I wish the guys over at peachy the same support and help!

Samstag, 21. September 2013

Ebay Reminder!

Don't forget to check out this weeks auctions!

Tanks, limited stuff, something for everybody ;)

For everyone awaiting an email or answer from me, I'll deal with that issue next week my friends,
last day with my girl, hope you'll understand ;)

Have a nice day!

Sonntag, 15. September 2013

Ebay tanks and Give Away Winners

Good Morning dear readers!

Lets start with making people happy! As there were only two participants in our Basing Give Away, I decided to let you both win! Thanks for your suggestions!
The winners are Crazy Baldhead and Zab !
Please contact me and let me know which set you'd like to get and where you live. I'll cast the Bases and send them out to you.

Talking about shipping stuff...there is something in my's been a while, so the memory is cloudy. ship sold stuff, don't you?
Yes! This week will see auctions again!

Space Marine Predator
This was one of the two tanks I painted at the painting class in Göppingen to demonstrate techniques.

Although it looks kinda Blood Ravens like, it can be fielded as Blood Angel tank or for any own chapter!

Or you want to start your own little Marine Strike Force? No problem, start with him! I also accept army commissions ;)


Imperial Guard Leman Russ
This was the second workshop tank ( two in one weekend AND teaching 5 people, I am kind of proud) .

Urban Camo and a LOT rust, as I explained rusting with him.


other stuff
As usual, collectors stuff like the limited codex Dark Angels and the no longer sold Mines of Moria set!

Why so quiet?
Some may have noticed there are fewer posts here this days. The reason is that my girl will leave for a half year trip to Japan in a few days and we use every minute we have until than. 

But there are some real nice projects growing, a massive documentation of my first commission army (White Scars, tons of bikes, lances and Battle Damage) and the purchase of a new camcorder to give you some Youtube Tutorials and Miniature videos!

So stay tuned and till the next post, we say goodbye (and do some "hidden" advertising for our friends over at Painting Buddha )

Dienstag, 10. September 2013

A world to set their feet on... Basing Give Away

Scratching the Bases for my new army projects is done, just one more silicone form and a few times pouring plaster and there will be enough for two little strike forces.

As you can see, one set of industrial bases and one of old, graveyardy cobble stones.
But what is a planet without a name? I need your help here!
Just write your suggestions into the comments or on our facebook site and win one FREE set of the industrial or graveyard bases!

Good luck and happy naming!

Sonntag, 8. September 2013

Short review on Emuse's Step by Step on the walking dead

Well this year Emuse made a indiegogo campaign to collect money for his trip to the crystal brush contest in the USA. As I backed his campaign I got the first released part of the stuff he promised for the backers!
It's the step by step on his the walking dead scene which took second best of show and gold in diorama at the crystal brush.

Here's the link to the blogpost on emuse's blog concerning the step by step:

So first thing I can say about the step by step  is simply bravo to emuse! It's really professionally done. The layout just suits the scene from the layout effects to the colours just perfect. Also imo they are very well used to underline the text structure.  For example on one side the the old chapter is on a bright surface and when the new chapter starts its blended over with an cool effect to a dark colour. All these colours in the layout are also in the scene so it fits perfectly.  Very atmospheric!
On the photos you always can see what has been described in the text, it's never like "well he said he did this and that but I can't see the difference to the previous photo" especially when it's about the paintjob. Also you can zoom in 200% and the photos are still sharp. So you can enjoy every detail of the scene especially on the detail shots!
The tutorial itself is just like the rest pure awesomeness in perfection! In the text it's always described what the intentions were for what's been done on the scenic composition, the colour choice etc. It starts with the description of the idea for the scene and the inspiration material used, goes over to the  planning of the scenic composition -it's described why which element is where-, building it and painting it -explaining what mood with which colours was intented to be achieved and stuff like that-.  I myself really like it a lot when it's told WHY the colours used are used and WHY the zombie lies where he lies, that's very well done in this tutorial!
So from my side I think this is a really, really aaaawwwweeeesssssooooommmmeeee tutorial! Thanks for that!
I can't wait to see the next ones and to receive the combined printed versions!

For the ones that didn't back the campaign I can only hope the printed version of the tutorials will be made available for them at some point in the future...otherwise they've really missed something!

Read you soonish!

Donnerstag, 5. September 2013

Workshop Review - Vehicle and Weathering Workshop Göppingen

As promised, impressions from my first painting class. Dive into our weekend !

You can find the gallery with all finished tanks here!

This is my airbrush. There are many others like it, but this one is mine. My airbrush is my best friend. It is my life. I must master it as I must master my life. Without me, my airbrush is useless. Without my airbrush, I am useless.

Who knows the quote? Full metall jacket guided us through our weekend, as did tons of bad jokes and laughter. I traveled earlier to Göppingen, preparing everything we would need.

All my remaining tanks, source books and gear traveled with me to guide the guys through their first tanks.

Everything you need to get started.

5 students, one teacher, and no air left to breathe inhabited the classroom for three days, we started early and painted into the nights. Most of them never used an airbrush before, except to spray a basic tone on their infantry. So we started with theory, dilution, safety, how to use which products. Presentations and stock pictures were followed by practical exercises and sometimes, pizza and pretzels.

We started with rusting our vehicles, using basic layers and different techniques of chipping, from hairspray to masking it.

Every step was shown and than the guys could try everything on their spare side plates. Camo, contrasting colors, masking big areas were following steps.

Basic colors and chipping are done.
Masking...the most time consuming step in the process but worth it!
Using the side plate, the marine painters also could test some camo.

Saturday was full of masking, creating camo and painting first details, like chip highlights and wires.

I painted two tanks myself, to demonstrate the techniques.

Max was so kind to bring some of his old tanks with him, the difference is stunning.
Groups of tanks...impressing sight every time!

We used Sunday to paint the tracks, work with oil colors and pigments and finish our work. All tanks were finished or really close to it, good job guys!

At (T)Raumschmiede, the cake isn't a lie.

Private, present your tank!

The weekend was very special for me, standing in front of everyone instead of listening for the first time. My students were really nice, we had much fun and the results impress me. All in all, I think my first painting class was a  full success.

Read you later my friends.

Mittwoch, 4. September 2013

Gallery First Painting Class Göppingen

Hello my dear readers,
I am back from my first painting class in Göppingen and I had a wonderful time, full of laughs and beautiful tanks!

I am writing the review right now, until it's finished I'd like to show you the results!
I am really proud of all my students, airbrushing and weathering vehicles for the first time!

Review will follow soon !