Dienstag, 4. November 2014

Project: Legion of chaos

Welcome my friends, today I'll show you the first progress of a challenge I entered at my local store.
Warhammer Fantasy is kind of dead in our region, and something had to happen. With the endtimes books, my love for the game came back once more and I couldn't resist to dust off my old chaos horde. All employees decided to build and paint a fantasy army, so we would be able to hold big events for the endtimes and fantasy in general.

As i already have an army waiting for paint for two years now I thought it would be a good opportunity, just like my death guard was in early spring this year.

We try to finish 500 points per month, this is my start. The general of nurgle!

It's the second time I painted this great miniature. I thought it unfair to use the old one, and I also wanted to try something new. I watched GW's video to paint the Blightkings and I have to admit I was stunned how good they were.
He was painted in one session, 4 hours maybe and for the gaming table the techniques are just great, 

Next are 30 barbarians, and thats the small block... Stay tuned for more.

Montag, 27. Oktober 2014

Back from the dead! About hobby zombies and tiny soldiers

Well, where should I start...
You might have noticed the silence here during the last months, thanks for everyone still subscribed here, on facebook, youtube etc.

Long story short, I died, became one of the undead and was busy finding brains and avoiding being shot by zombie hunters...

That is the fun way to see it, reality was a bit darker though. I went through a hard time with depression becoming too heavy to bear. A problem I knew years about, they became really bad this year and I went through some doctors, their therapies and medicines and ended up being leveled to zero...no feeling sad, but also no feeling happy. Without emotion, I wasn't able to care about the blog, my dearest or painting. Maybe I'll write some things about this someday, another blogger really helped me with his experiences.
In some way, I really was a zombie and didn't realize it.

Right now, I am without medication and see some things clear again, one of them how badly I ignored my (T)Raumschmiede.

But enough about that, just thought I should explain the silence.
Today I want to show you the project that reignited my painting passion!

This was a commission for flames of war, and hell, I thought infinity miniatures were small!
Italian tank company for a friend of mine, it had a hard deadline, because it's a tournament army and it's first battle was last Saturday. (Took best painted there, which really surprised me)
In the end, I started Thursday 8 pm and ended Friday 7.47 pm. That's right, I painted nearly 24 hours after months of absence from the hobby. That kind of forced me back to it, because depression is no excuse for delay, I'am a professional after all.
After finishing, I really wanted to paint more, and much followed. The next day I painted a chaos general, worked on my army for the endtimes...but this will be future posts!

I really like the scale and this won't be my last adventure in this miniature range!

I'd like to end this post with some words of gratitude.
Thanks to my blog mate Klaus, who kept on posting and always was very patient with me and my problems, thanks to you all for following us and the biggest thanks to my girl, who really had a hard time with me but still stands at my side against all those zombiehunters and life's troubles!
Read you soon (promised)

Samstag, 6. September 2014

Forged Hope

01000010 01100001 01101110 01100111 01100101 01110010 01100001 01101110 01100111 00100000 01110000 01100001 01110010 01110100 01111001 00100000 01010000 01100101 01101111 01110000 01101100 01100101!

It feels like ages since I've written here the last time. Got me reasons and don't want to bore you, so I'll start right away with a step by step for the base of my Massive Voodoo Forged Hope contest.

Freitag, 11. Juli 2014

Baneblade rolling in

Another part of my big cadia commission rolls out to defend the gate! This one was quite an experience! So much space for the effects and more than once I had to keep me from overdoing it. Now that he is finished, my own tanks will get some love again.

Remember, you can try this on your own, the complete tutorial of the used techniques is in our article section!

Donnerstag, 10. Juli 2014

Reinforcements for my Nurgle Horde

As my army currently holds its ground in the museum, I started the next part of my chaos project.
The goal always was to field all the chaos factions together someday, marines, demons, traitor guard, etc.

The sentinel is the first finished mini, the third picture shows you some tanks, before (left) and after the weathering. I decided to go for the color scheme of the knight, to have a more coherent look. Same bases as my deathguard, as they will stand side by side (ok, with their 6 inch between them). To break the white color all the squadrons will have different color markings/ turrets. Red for the banewolfs, green for the tank command squadron etc.

Montag, 7. Juli 2014

It's gettin hot today - Lavabase video tutorial

My little cute monster returned this weekend, after two weeks of wandering the wilderness, fighting chaos cat marines and hopefully for him screwing what ever he could find. As the little one came back, so did my joy in painting and I prepared a little new video for you.

With only three colors and a spare 10 minutes we make nice lava bases, fitting the weather around here.  I always try to improve the videos and from today on, no more listening to my pc or annoying cars in the background! I learned the fine art of denoising, something I wanted for a while now.

So sit back, enjoy and never step on the red areas ;)

Dienstag, 24. Juni 2014

Having nightmares these days

You'll have noticed the silence here, and I am afraid it will last a while...at least this week.
One of my two beautiful cats went missing last Thursday, and since then  I am searching, climbing through old industrial ruins and completely overgrown places, shouting his name and trying to find him. I am in no mood to paint or film, my voice went missing anyway.
Just wanted to  let you know, my little baby needs all my energy right now.
Read you soon my friends.

For all my readers from Dresden, if you see him please take him home and contact me. I guess hes straying around in Südvorstadt or Löbtau. There's a reward for finding him.