Samstag, 29. Juni 2013

Speedpainted Gobbo to start again

It's been way to long since I posted something. Thats because it's been way too long since I painted anything. Last Saturday I worked at our local store again, I was tired and it was damn warm (the color dried even on my wet palette) but I knew it was time again. 
So I bought this little Goblin and painted him during work, when there were no customers and our gamers didn't need me. He took two hours of painting, nothing breath taking but I reached my goal: paint again and finish him during work.
There are some personal troubles that kept me away from our beloved hobby and they still are their but I am trying to force myself into painting again. After the first 10 minutes it felt great again.

Have a nice weekend all of you!

Donnerstag, 27. Juni 2013

Walk my soldier, walk till there is no where to walk anymore!


This is just a short post about a miniature I painted in april, which is not completely finished due to that my friend I painted it for wanted me to change some stuff I fucked up. First is the position of the arms....they have to be turned a bit up, for that I need to cut them off. Well as I don't have a saw fine enough for that job I brought the miniature to Berlin and he will do it himself. But after that I'll have to do some painting on the armor again. He wants camouflage on the armor. I talked to him about it and this is how I'll do it, the orange surfaces will stay the way they are, the gray surfaces will be camouflaged. I will use maskol to completely cover the orange surfaces and dots over the grey. Then sprey it with another gray tone, remove the maskol spots, put new ones on, spray with another gray tone and maybe same thing one or two more times. I'll show you the result when it's done, till then here's how he's looking at the moment:

Ah yeah and he said the face is to pale, I wasn't sure about how I feel about the face myself so, I'll do what he wants me to do with his face and give him a facial.

So smell you later

Sonntag, 23. Juni 2013

Love me looooooong time

Uh ehm sorry for not writing for such a long time...since march I've been like every second weekend in Bremen or somewhere else, birthday parties, bachelor parties, the weekends I've stayed in Dresden were hobbytime and as I like painting more than writing, no blog posts from me. But enough of this blablabla bullshit crap let's get to business.

On eastern I've visited our President Zaphod Beeblebrox from Manabu/ (the dudes with the new painting DVDs and Miniatures coming hopefully in July) and I asked him if I could paint a Janet for him during that weekend. Awesome sculpt and the cast is sweeeeeet! So preparing the mini was quite fast and this is how the paintjob turned out:

Well before I left he said, uuh Klaus why don't you paint Bred and the base as well, here you go...I just planned to paint Yanet for him and so a weekend fun mini turned into a longer project.

That's Bred started:

Just the red of the suit and thinnish black lines...need practice in drawing fine his west and helmet done:

Aaaaaand the Bred is done:

I decided to paint the weapons without much contrast and so on because I thought there is already a colour contrast parteeeey on the miniature. My favourite part of Bred is the face and the helmet. I wanted a freaky but fearsome creepy face which suits the west and the suit, I'm satisfied. The helmet was just something...I wanted to paint it gray and the shape of the helmet spoke to me telling me where to set lights and shadows. Luke said oh this looks like NMM, I said it's no NMM, I don't do NMM, it's gray! He insited it's NMM  because the contrasts should look different for a normal gray surface. So I made a compromise and said it's not NMM and it's not gray, it's soylent gray!

So next the base, started:

Thought it to be finished but Goatman and Luke told me I should do some more it's too boooooring:

So they wanted weathering, graffiti, pigments and bird poo:

I can't remember who had the idea maybe them maybe me, but when there is birds poo, pigeons aren't far away, here the first try looking like bananas:

Well noooooo, had to tray again. Here's the wire base I sculpet them on and the result, sculpted in pro create:

Some positioning of the birds:

Aaaaaaaaand done:

So this is the final result Zaphod got from me, but when I gave it to me I saw that on one arm some paint has been scrubbed off till the primer showed. Sometimes you can overdo fixing painting with a toothpick...have to repair it nextime I'm there. Concerning the colour scheme of the miniatures, I painted Janet first without knowing I'll paint Bred as well. I just wanted the clothes to be white, the rest grew out of it. For Bred, well the colour scheme was set to me due to Janet. I wanted to use nearly the same colours on him because I thought this way you would be able to see they belong together. She was supposed to be the cool professional and he the mad bad mofo of an assassin. To me it turned out as I planned it to be.

So hope you liked the step by step of this little project.

As I ordered the DVDs and Miniatures of Season 1 a while ago, I'll get this couple again in a couple of weeks and will paint then at some point in the future. Looking forward on how they'll turn out.


Montag, 10. Juni 2013

life sign

Been busy with studies lately, and teaching my padawan the arts of fast army painting.
The left one was mine, he did the others.

Sonntag, 2. Juni 2013

Dreaming in the halls of the drowned god...

My beloved city sinks into the deep water again... Rain, rain, more fucking rain every minute.
The studio is situated at high ground, but my thoughts are at the museums, the acadamy of fine arts, all the places I love to be.

Don't drown my friends.