Samstag, 31. Mai 2014

Of money and canyons - Painted tanks for sale and part two of the Redmaw tutorial

Hello my friends!
Todays post has two themes  and brings you double the fun!

First I'd like to show you some of my older works that search for a new home! The last year was full of finished miniatures, rows of tanks and even my first painted army. As this blog and my channel are the drive I searched so long to keep me motivated, endless new ideas come to my mind and want to be forged from dream to reality.

I have to get some space for new dreams, and a little bit money to finance them and new equipment. Things like a better microphone and tutorial books to learn the next level are definitely in the near future of this blog.
Today I'd like to offer the first three tanks that must leave home and explore the world, driving the great crusade further.

Desert storm - Tallarn Leman Russ

For everyone who loves extreme weathering, this piece shows what it means to serve the emporer for decades under the most dire circumstances. Lot's of enemy, no workshops or rests and for sure not enough maintenance...welcome to the Astra Militarum! He won a silver medal at the Duke of Bavaria and was painted at the Painting Buddha Headquarters in Berlin, be kind to him, he deserves.
Find his gallery here:  

Valhalla - eternal fight

My favorite rust paintjob so far, this Predator  served in the Imperial Guard during the Great Crusade, when this vehicles still were deployed to all the emporers loayl servants. My first attempt on winter camo and massive rust streaks. He also got silver at the Duke.

Find his gallery here.

Yellow storm - Imperial Fist Whirlwind

Yes, there he goes, my favorite tank. He was the third tank of my display at this years Duke and took the silver home with his brothers. Some of you may know him already, from the white dust purity seal accident to his glorious resurrection. Every scratch and damage was handpainted, no hairspray or salt here. 

Find his gallery over at p&p!

How dou you get them?
I don't want to put them on Ebay and see them sold for the sealed box price, and I'd love to know they found a nice new home. If you want one (or all, hey christmas is only 207 days away) please drop me your offer. You can do this here in the comments, via our facebook page or send a mail at:

These are collectors pieces and time and heart went into their creation, please send true and serious offers only. 

And finally...more Redmaw Action!

The gallery video with lots of miniatures on them and part two of the tutorial are up and ready to watch!

See Necrons verses the forces of Nurgle and the rock carving process.

So much post for just one day, I'll take a break on the garage sale with my girl, as my scratchbuilt addiction came back I need lots of old watches. Read you soon and have a nice weekend everyone.

Sonntag, 25. Mai 2014

Redmaw Canyon part 1 !

And we start the Canyon Tutorials!
Part one shows the basic volumes and first thoughts on the design.

Donnerstag, 22. Mai 2014

Redmaw Canyon Video preview - Two days of work shrunk into 5 minutes

I couldn't believe when I checked the blog this morning, over 900 visitors in the last two days, the canyon article became the third most seen post we had since the beginning.
You simply blew my mind and words couldn't explain how happy I am.

As a little thank you I made a little teaser, where you can find selected scenes from the upcoming series, speeded up a bit. Hope you enjoy!

Tonight I survived the second of three night shifts on this piece, after working in the store all day. No sleep since Tuesday, I kinda feel like a young student again. Just came home to render that small video and will make my way to the store again now, so I won't be able to reply until Friday. Today we'll celebrate the last day of sixth edition of 40k with some massive games and Open End hobby evening. Only the buildings remain....

Friday 14 o'clock is the deadline and I am sure it will be finished then.

I'd like to thank my wonderful girl, who visited me with dinner and good mood after the store had closed it's doors. Your backup means so much.

Read you soon my fellow painters

Dienstag, 20. Mai 2014

The battle of Redmaw Canyon - Outpost Solitude Alpha-20-5-Ostris

Back from the dead with another gaming table/ display merge up.

I'd like to start with a few introducing words on how the whole thing came to life.
It was one of these moments in life, when you have this very bad mood, are sure the day will only get worse, when I came to our store and my boss told me there would be an exhibition on the history of tabletop gaming at the Staatliche Kunstsammlungen Dresden. That's the biggest bunch of museums and collections we have in Saxony and the day even got better when he told me they wanted me to build a display to show where Tabletop went from flat tin soldiers. I went to competitions, took part in some tournaments but I can't imagine a bigger honor then having something I built and painted there. It was my dream to study arts here in Dresden and countless times I creped through  the exhibitions.

So the first impression was overwhelming.

After some weeks, when the exhibition date came closer and closer and the guys couldn't make up their mind how big the thing should be, how professional it should look and things like that I could finally start last Sunday. I should mention, i have to deliver it this Friday.
The whole thing got smaller and smaller and the fist planned 6 parts were reduced to two. Awesome things like an artificial lake and big industry complexes have to wait for another project. Also they want that you can see, this is crafted and handmade and something people play on, so no high end finish or fancy things like sanding every seem to invisibility. Fits for me, as one week is really short time. But hey, the swamplands were built in two days, we'll get there in the end.

So down to business, what will you see?
I'll build a canyon with a big river, many rocks to act as cover and a big generating station. The whole thing will be red like our all favorite tech planet, Mars himself.

What will we learn?
Some of you already suspected...of cause there will be a video series. Focus points this time will be scratchbuilding and detailing the buildings, some more styrofoam carving with focus on bigger structures.
We try a new earth/sand mixture for a different groundtype then the last time and paint a reddish brown river.
And of cause, we will paint rock and try to achieve the look of different layers, rich in color and diversion.

Technically, they wanted a simple gaming table in the end, but you don't put thoughts of glory and displays in my head without getting something special in the end. How often in a lifetime will one see his work in a museum? So let's get crazy on this one!

Montag, 19. Mai 2014

Mini Monday - In the name of the Emperor

Hello readers,

it is Monday, again. But let my sweeten your start into the week with some miniature pictures. This time one of the Imperial Guards new assets - a GW Scion. This little fellow was a quick job before the Duke of Bavaria Contest. Really had some fun with him.

I hope you like him and as usual the Putty & Paint link: Vote!
And after some consideration the CMON link, too:  Vote!

Montag, 12. Mai 2014

And again its Miniature Monday

Hello everyone,

I hope you survived the weekend and had a good start into your week. I for one have the pleasure to present you another finished project of mine. And, like last Thursday, it was a GD Germany project from last year. It started of as the limited Forge World Titan Princeps. But before I tell you more, first the pictures.

So, as you might have noticed, this fellow has undergone some little conversion, mainly a change in the arm positions and the adding of a cane. I've converted and painted him one week before the Games Day. A little tradition is the so called "nerdcamp" where a few friends meet and have an intensive painting time, really intensive like nothing else just nerdy painting, sculpting and trash talk. Last year it was held at GeOrcs in Berlin. While he was doing a conversion and paint job of a whole monster entry, I finished the High elves unit I already showed you here, converted and painted this fellow, did another fantasy Single entry (you will see soon) and ran out of time at another project... Klaus was there to, at least some days until he chickened and had to visit a family celebration... some other painters from Berlin showed up during the week, too.

So, I hope you like this one, feel free to ask anything and leave your opinion below. And if you like him, give him a vote at Putty & Paint

P.S.: Oh, I still have one Invitation Code for Putty & Paint, a really good and fair CMON Page. If you are interested in one, tell me why you should be the one to join and send over some pictures of your works.

Donnerstag, 8. Mai 2014

In the shadows they fight

Hey folks, me again, your friendly neighbourhood painter.

This time: Shadow Warriors. Done for the LAST German Games Day - I mean the German Games Day last year. The scored finalists - in on of the hardest categories that year.
I have done them in very desaturated colours and without to much pageantry. They are the crazy high elves, those that always fight, fending of their fallen brothers from Naggaroth.... No time for shiny stuff, like their sissy brothers....

So here you go:

I hop you like them, feel free to let me know what you think about them in the comment section and, as usual, leave a vote at Putty & Paint

Montag, 5. Mai 2014

The Barbarian Dude

Hey folks,

nothing's batter than to start the week with a miniature. So here he is, the Barbarian Dude by Raining Frogs Garage - the first Limited Edition, not the rebooted one.

An old warrior in the snow
Another battle fought.
A moment of peace.
Who knows, how long it will last.

 As always, I hope you like him. If you feel like it, leave a Vote at P & P

Freitag, 2. Mai 2014

Some kind of Liam Neeson...Knight

So, let me show you another miniature - like the last one done before the Duke of Bavaria in 2013.

This time it is "The Crusader" by Nocturna Modles. AND if you have seen Kingdom of Heavens, you know the miniature or the other way round. All in all it is a real pleasure to paint this portrait of Liam Neeson. But somewhere during the painting process I got stuck and lost the passion for it - probably when the sword broke of the second or third time..... brittle little thing. But I grit my teeth and finished him.

Probaly not my best work, especially the base, but I hope you like him nevertheless. If you do, leave a vote at Putty & Paint