Dienstag, 23. April 2013

(T)Raumschmiede Reborn

Some may have noticed a change around here.
Actually this was planned for quite a while, because change started long ago. As Klaus and Luke joined my team and seem to stay for a while (once you invite painters, you never get rid of them again) we started to think about the whole design, direction this Blog will develop in the future and what we want to do.

The old design was a nice idea but never really good. It fit for the first year, a painter trying to share his stuff, some thoughts, having no really idea what he was doing. But this phase is over now, we have some massive articles, a lot of readers and made ourself a small name in the community.
To be honest this project grew bigger than I ever had imagined and I am speechless every time I see how many people read my thoughts, follow us or ask us for help and new tutorials. You deserve quality content and we will do everything possible to make ours better.

We decided it was time to get more professional. New design, new planned contents and some really cool stuff in the future. 

Todays post is just about saying thank you for supporting us and making the dream this whole thing started with come true with every day and every reader.

We say thank you.
Your crew of dreamers.


  1. Hey Jungs schicke Sachen mit dem neuen Layout, kleines Feedback von mir, überdenkt evtl nochmal die Schriftart, ist auf den ersten Blick sehr cool macht aber m.M.n. gerade das lesen von längeren Texten mühsam. Juyt my 2 cents.