Freitag, 12. April 2013

Wisdom of a cat

Life is like a box. (no Forest Gump reference now)
I'd like to call the last night the night of fail.
Motivated, after a nice nap I went to my workbench...damn, new airbrush, different adapter system...ok, let's take the old one...damn, my compressor just died...again.
After a while of being angry I took the brush and painted anyways and some nice progress was achieved.

Sometimes, there's just shit in this box of life, everything going wrong and bothering you...but sometimes, there are sweet things in it, just like my little Tyrion.

So if you don't like the parcel of today, wait for the shipment of tomorrow ;)

Painting is a nice thing to sweeten the waiting time for the better box.


  1. And always listen to the creative input of your feline overlords ;) I am forever removing random cat hair from my minis...

  2. I am removing random cat from my minis ^^
    Smart little fellas learned how to open my closets and doors.
    The big one loves to sleep between my wip armies...