Montag, 29. April 2013

Painters Unite! Episode 1

Welcome to the first of hopefully many to come episodes of Painters Unite! Our new weekly column, that lists interesting auctions of the week and little interviews, blog introductions and painting services. If you would like to know more about the idea behind this, feel free to read here!

This weeks featured sales:

Sleipnir sells some of his cabinet works and waits for offers. Be fair, it's his first time and believe me, it never hurts so much again. You can find them here at Das Bemalforum or Facebook.

I am selling two Cadian Leman Russ tanks and one rare GW ruined church terrain piece, made of resin AND a Hammerhead Gunship this week. 
Find them here on Ebay!

I am happy that we already found our first artist to tell us about him, showing some works and offering them to for sale. So spotlight on: Sleipnir!

Let me introduce you myself... just for those who didn't knew me by now.  

My name is Arne. I'm aged 28 for some days now and live together with my wife and 2 kids near Hamburg, Germany.

Arne wrote a tutorial for the lichens, even with a video!
Find it here!
For me there's mainly one big aspect in painting miniatures: pure relaxation. During the last 3 years I've found some great friends in this big community, one just around the corner and one from Sweden. So painting becomes more and more important for me.  

While I try to spend as much time with my family as I can there are just a few moments to slack some paint on miniatures. I always try to improve my skills, testing new things and experiment a lot. Seems like that's my "secret" of improving as every new finished project is one step ahead to the previous one.  

We all know that this hobby is quiet expensive: hoarding miniatures, buying new brushes, testing new mediums like aquarell colors and oils. All this (and other things like incoming bills) are forcing me to sell some of my miniatures to keep this hobby alive.  

It's the first time for me selling painted miniatures and I am quiet curious on how the feeling will be if I'm packing them for their trip to someone else, knowing that I probably never see them again.

If you like Sleipnirs works, vote for them on Putty and Paint or visit the Blog Miniature Fairy Tales, where Arne is a member!

And remember, your sales can be featured here, ebay and privat alike! Just write us! If you'd like to be featured as artist or blog also write me a short message!

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