Samstag, 13. April 2013

BitBox Madness

Today will be a great day, I just feel it.
My airbrush is locked? Well, she'll bath in cleaner until work is over.
My tank was ruined by varnish last night....well Zappi helped me out there and I will share this magic with all of you next week.
My compressor is broken...well, maybe I can buy a new one with the money the whirlwind will make. (Bid, bid, bid, my friends)

Why a good day then?
Because I want it to be one! I organized a big Bit trading in our local hobby store, there will be a kitbash competition, drinks, coooooookiieeees.
An old friend is visiting tonight to take the first bus to Munich in the morning, so good wine, a sleepless night and a really good time are ahead.

I just love searching for new cool bits and I just know my inquisition warband will grow today!

So if life is nasty, be friendly and smile, nothing better to pay that greedy thing back ;)

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