Freitag, 11. Juli 2014

Baneblade rolling in

Another part of my big cadia commission rolls out to defend the gate! This one was quite an experience! So much space for the effects and more than once I had to keep me from overdoing it. Now that he is finished, my own tanks will get some love again.

Remember, you can try this on your own, the complete tutorial of the used techniques is in our article section!

Donnerstag, 10. Juli 2014

Reinforcements for my Nurgle Horde

As my army currently holds its ground in the museum, I started the next part of my chaos project.
The goal always was to field all the chaos factions together someday, marines, demons, traitor guard, etc.

The sentinel is the first finished mini, the third picture shows you some tanks, before (left) and after the weathering. I decided to go for the color scheme of the knight, to have a more coherent look. Same bases as my deathguard, as they will stand side by side (ok, with their 6 inch between them). To break the white color all the squadrons will have different color markings/ turrets. Red for the banewolfs, green for the tank command squadron etc.

Montag, 7. Juli 2014

It's gettin hot today - Lavabase video tutorial

My little cute monster returned this weekend, after two weeks of wandering the wilderness, fighting chaos cat marines and hopefully for him screwing what ever he could find. As the little one came back, so did my joy in painting and I prepared a little new video for you.

With only three colors and a spare 10 minutes we make nice lava bases, fitting the weather around here.  I always try to improve the videos and from today on, no more listening to my pc or annoying cars in the background! I learned the fine art of denoising, something I wanted for a while now.

So sit back, enjoy and never step on the red areas ;)