Montag, 8. April 2013

Yellow storm part two and studio impressions

Hey there, welcome back.

This tank really does believe himself special...and damn he is. The damn thing just wants to stay here and so he manipulates my mind and makes my hands clumsy...that sounds right, doesn't it?

I wanted him ready on Sunday, well I failed. Epic. Exploding paint bottles, rubbing of all the metal while working with pigments and white spirit (after a thousand times of reminding myself to varnish it first...) and all that screws a painters day.

Now I am back on him and it will be finished this week and it will be on sale on Sunday...or else I won't call myself a propper painter anymore.

Trying  the AK Interactive Products Streaking Grime and Rust and starting to like them. Kind of different but hey, it is Enamel no Oil, so this had to be expected.
I have to wait and let dry now, next will be rust streaks, my favorite part and I am really excited how they will turn out!

What happens besides yellow madness?
Well, first I cleaned the studio, second I reorganized my workbench.
This days I feel like I need space, much of it...a nice white surface to put all the stuff on that I need right now.

Today, as always, I dropped the white spirit but this time it was easy to clean...avoiding bad mood with plastic foil.

And there are hordes marching against each other, fighting for the top of my fridge, the right to be painted and running up their flag at my workbench.

Read you soon my friends, and expect progress on the Whirlwind.


  1. Der Panzer sieht sehr gut aus Martin, evtl. könntest du dir noch überlegen am Waffensystem z.B. schwarze Streifen oder ähnliches anzubringen um die akuell gelbe Monotonie etwas aufzulockern bzw. zu unterbrechen.

  2. Danke Vlado!
    Werd ich beim nächsten im Hinterkopf behalten, da ich hier mit Weathering fast fertig bin werd ich nicht nochmal neue Grundfarben draufbringen, weil die für diesen Panzer eingeplante Zeit eigentlich schon überzogen ist.