Sonntag, 28. April 2013

Contest of Chaos

Ahoihoi fellas,

the awesome Blog of the "kouzes" is having its fifths Brithday. Congratulations guys, keep on your awesome work.

Why am I posting this? Simply because I love these guys and their works. But that's not all, to celebrate their birthday, they are hosting a contest. And its about CHAOS *insane laughter*

Oh the warp shivers with joy. The rules - which can be found here - are simple just convert/sculpt and paint a disciple of the dark gods till June 30th ans send them pictures of your little warplover....

Lets give them an incredible birthday present by sending in many crazy and awesome looking entries

Oh and when your at it, just check out their blog and the awesome projects they have over there, like this one:

Thats all for now. I'll go back to may workbanche and prepare for the Duke of Bavaria next week.... Times running quick..... After the Duke I will tell you what i was doing the last weeks, so stay tuned

Hope to see you next weekend.

P.S.: Oh, and before i forget it, a little reminder of the Razorshark auction, which ends today. One cool flyer, isn't it?

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