Montag, 14. Januar 2013

WIP shots? Not really, but somehow they are...

Hidiho again!

Well I said on Tuesday I would post WIP pictures of the bust I have been painting. Well sorry no WIP pictures of the bust....the bust is finished and I will try to make proper pictures (well still lousy ones) next weekend. But...there is always a butt (the double T was intended to make it read funny...giggle, giggle)... I worked alllll weekend on my hobby room (and my flat). So now I got my ooooowwwwwnnnn hobby room, only for painting, converting, sculpting and all the other stuff. Well but first from the beginning on.

I moved to Dresden due in the middle of october to a new job. And for the first time I rented a flat just for myself, no more flatshare for me that is. It has three rooms, one for the sleepy-head me, one for the eaty- and lazy-head me and one for the nerdy-head me. But the flat has only 53 m². This makes the bedroom 9 m², the living room 15 m² and the hobby room 7 m². The rest is the entry room, the kitchen and the bath.

So with three rooms I could use one as a hobby room, my preciousssss hobbyroom it would be.  During the months before christmas I already spent money for furniture for the other rooms. There was never money left for furniture for the hobby room. But after christmas it was the time for furniture for the hobby room. With enough money after christmas (thanks Santa) I bought all the stuff I needed for the hobby room and also some furniture for the rest of my flat.

On saturday around 8:30 am they finally delivered everything. So from 9:30 am to 7:00 pm I was busy with building everything up. For the hobbyroom, I've build two desks and a showcase. One of the desks is 80 cm high and the other one around 110 cm. So I got one desk I can paint on while sitting and on the other one while standing. I also ordered two stand aids for the higher desk. Here are the pictures from saturday:

All the sweeeeeet furniture...all hail the rather unknown swedish furniture shop!

Sparkling blue screws, nearly couldn't build them in, my preciousssss....


First desk finished.

Aaaaand second desk finished (it's already dark outside).

Showcase showoff.

In the evening Martin came around for a painting session till 3 am. On Sunday I woke up tooooo early around 9:40 am...tried to sleep till 11 am...couldn't I stood up, had breakkie and only had to attach the shelves to the wall and then put all my stuff back into the room. This somehow took me longer then expected...till 8:00 pm...uaaah...not much relaxing time this weekend. But I'm done with the hobby room and I'm really happy. Here are the pictures from sunday:

Shelves attacked to the wall (again he k is there to make you lough or shake your head about what kind of an idiot I am)



I can't wait till I paint miniatures in that room. I think tomorrow will be the first time. Jayyyy!

Hope this was kind of interesting to you (booooooring I hear you scream).

See you soon.



  1. Hey Klaus,

    congrats to your hobby bunker, the own nerdistan.

    Tell us, why is one desk so high up? I suppose its to relax and for the back, but do you actually paint standing?


  2. Not boring at all Klaus. I like the photos of work area/work bench; even if it isn't about miniatures. Everyday on-goings in the man-cave, travels, music one is listening to are nice additions to the blog.

    im curious also. Do you paint standing or use a high chair. Was told that high tabletop doesn't hurt your back as much.


  3. Nice work mate, always satisfying when you do something like this yourself ( even if it takes forever! ). Nice set up though in such a small space, and hopefully it works well for you!

  4. You get an own hobby room, I lose one, life is funny sometimes :)
    Be sure I'll invade you more often soon bro.

  5. Thanks to all for your nice comments.

    Yes I do paint standing. Before I had the hobby room I leaned with my back to the wall and had a "music stand" to put my wet palette and water beaker and so on on. But for that room I bought two standing aids which have arrived today. I will try them today. The seat height of them is maximum 71 cm. I hope this works for me otherwise I will just paint standing. I don't like sitting so much and I had some back problems, but nothing serious, just annoying.

    So thanks again for your comments, I'm really grateful for them.

  6. Ahhh Instead of paintin I started translating texts for Jeremies new DVD. He asked for helpers over on das-bemalforum. Here is the Link if you're interested to help him too:

    I will also write a short blogpost about it.

  7. Hey Klaus,

    nice to see that you have your own hobby area now.

    Move your brush