Samstag, 12. Januar 2013

Recommended Reads

Today I want to show you a few blogs that inspired me again and again.
As I noticed, some of them link to my site and I want to say thank you for the readers that find over here through your site.
Some never heard of me I think but gave me great pleasure while reading them, so thank you too!
I will add you all to my bloglist.

So let's start:

Alpha Legion

Some awesome modeling and conversions, real nice paintjobs too.
I love what he is doing with his chaos army, very personal warshrines and dragon ogres.
Find him here!

Sproket's Small World

Absolutely insane Dark Eldar brought me there. This guy paints lovely crisp and clean and his stippling is awesome. Great respect for your work!
Find him here!

Den of Imagination

Tabletop at it's best.
Nice conversions and again and again my motivation to finish an army.
Look here if you like big amounts of great miniatures!
Find him here!

I will recommend you new blogs from time to time, this is just the start as my job is calling right now.
If anyone of the three above reads this, thank you again and keep on going, you give much to the people, be it inspiration, motivation or just a nice moment while reading and staring at your miniatures :)

Have a nice day all of you,

PS: Just two more days of bidding my friends,
have a look at Ebay  and get some miniature bargains ;)

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