Freitag, 25. Januar 2013

Introducing: Charity!

Hello dear readers,
soon we'll celebrate the first anniversary of (T)Raumschmiede!

I never thought how fast it would grow or how many people we could reach.
With a few hundred people reading here every day, being listed in many great artists bloglists and linked on various websites we are able to spread word and reach many people and thats a great thing.

Today I want to use that possibility to spread a serious issue and maybe help some people realizing a really great project.

Some fellow students drafted a school building for the Capacity Center Fernandez in Argentina.
This project already built a kindergarten, classrooms, shelters for teachers and students, ...
The place turned from wasteland to a shining glimpse of hope for the region, as they offer the possibility for education and approved graduation.
The project is so successful that there is way to less space to teach all the children who need it.
The new building will contain 4 new classrooms and a auditorium, with information center.

They will fly to Argentina for three months and build it together with volunteers, the projects founder and people from the region.
It will be raised in traditional materials, found in Argentina and there is a lot of research in it.

I think this is a great project and a opportunity to make something better, change something.
It is not a big organization, which takes your money and builds administration buildings instead of schools.
(Yes, I am no friend of that big "helping companies" )

Education is one of the most important things, it gives future aspects and all those people who graduate there won't have to become criminals.
Education brings understanding each other, peace and our future, even, if we won't be affected by those people the world will be for sure.

This projects needs donations, they already raised half of the sum but still, some is missing.
You can donate on their website and you also can get a acquittance for that donation.
The money just goes into the building of the school, nothing lost on the way.
Even little sums help my friends.

I will paint a miniature and auction it in march, the money will be donated to this project.
When I see how many money I spent during my life, supporting Kickstarter Campaigns, buying miniatures never to paint and such stuff, I think a few euro won't hurt me.
I may not get something material for that money, but some other human gets a chance.

Have a look at their site, you'll find a presentation there and all the detailed information.

I will also stay in touch with the 4 students and show some progress of the growing school here in our blog.

Why I support this special project?
Because I know the people doing it, I saw how much work they put in, our university and some professors worked hard to get a good, payable and working draft.
The people who will build it are reliable and I am sure, the money will be spent rightfully for their project.
And I think, every person who actually goes down there, doing something deserves support.

Read you soon my friends,
prepare for much color as I will spent two weeks of painting madness in big Berlin after I made my exams.

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