Dienstag, 8. Januar 2013

Whips Whips Whips - Adeptus Astartes!

Hey folks,
a week full of posts.

Today some progress at my latest projects.
It seems the only thing I am painting are Power Armours, Chaos Marines, my Space Wolves and a few heros of the Space Marines (the Imperial Fist Captain was the first one).

So I thought I just show you what's going on.

First the Wolves are howling. I oiled the first squad and it's leader, now just arms and backpacks and they will be ready to drink all the evil mead of the universe.

I really like how they turned out. Soon you'll see the whole unit finished.

Next is the great enemy, Chaos in one quarter of it's glory...my Nurgle army started with Typhus and two big beasts.

All the Nurgle Stuff is in an early stage, the beasts armour was done with the technique used for the Nurgle Blight Drone .

And last for today, the second in row of my heros range.
It's a White Scar Bike Captain, very experimental as I try how much I can reduce the paintjob without loosing to much coolness factor :) This one goes really fast and there will be a tutorial if the end result satisfies me.

Of cause this is nothing for the cabinet, I am just still searching for a quick way to get a nice army. I think for gaming purposes, the white turned out great. After painting an hour on the captains leg (without being too satisfied) a friend told me to just prime the damn thing damage it and oil it ( I just had shown him how to use oilpaints for his army) and after realizing he was not joking tried it.
Sometimes the simple ideas are just great.

Read you soon again,
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  1. Hmmmmmm if there would be a bright green (desaturated one, not shiny one)foundation spray, or just use the airbrush, you could do this aswell for your nurgle army.

  2. Your battledamage getting more better and better! I´m corious about a picture of the finished SW army :)