Dienstag, 8. Januar 2013

As promised the next WIP steps on the bust

As promised the next WIP steps. The Bust is nearishly done, only small parts missing, special effects, outlining, cleaning stuff up and I some lights here and there. The hoody is german cam. black brown with fortress grey. Some more grey and ivory for the lights, black and liche purple for the shadows. Then some stabbing with kommando khaki in the light areas and stabbing with some dark brown (which seems to me to be just a normal brown) in the lights and the middletones. Then a glaze with ehm think it was black and liche purple. Then I revisited the lights again, same colours as before.  The ropes are kommando khaki for the base colour and then some german cam. black brown and liche purple/black as shadows. Base colour mixes with fortress grey and ivory for the lights. Dark brown glazes. Bone and skull is ehhhm...uhhhm....think kommando khaki, fortress grey and sunny skintone for the base colour. White added for the lights until pure white. German cam. black brown for the shadows,  I think painted it directly on the base colour, without mixing it with the base colour. Then liche purple with black for final shadows. Ohhh and if I remember correctly a glaze of liche purple over the hole skull. The horn is even more confusing, because I wasn't satisfied with how it turned out in the beginning. Could have done it a lot easier....sooo to keep it simple I could have done it with ivory as a base colour. Then the shadows with liche purple and liche purple with black. Some edge lights with white and finally a glaze with dark angels green all over the horn. That's it for today. More next weekend I hope. The soup from saturday tasted fine,  did sunday, will today and maybe tomorrow. Cabbage soup yummie!
I nearly forgot, here the pictures:

The hoody before the stabbing:

The hoody finished:

Skull, bone, ropes and horn (still wet) done for now:

Dammit Crappy pictures...Martin I want my lamps back! Not that they would be better with them...

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