Montag, 28. Januar 2013

Seeeeeecret miniatures from a secret man for a secret something, so sh!


Sorry for keeping you waiting for more WIPs of the ugly warrior thing. I visited a friend at the weekend in Berlin and there I painted a miniature for another friend. I can't show you that miniature because he hadn't announced it's release yet or didn't even show pictures of the sculpts yet. But, sometimes buts are good, as he showed two other scuplts of his and can now show you three miniatures I painted last year.

First the rasta man, the first miniature I've painted after a 2 years pause:

here the link for more pictures:

Second an engineer:

here the link for more pictures:

Third the lady:

here the link for more pictures:

As you see the sculpts got a similar clothing style which is a hint what they are for and what might be released this year or next year or sometime in the future.

The ugly warrior thing will have to wait a while longer, because there's another paintjob for him. I do these paintjobs for free for him because he is a friend of mine and because I don't make a living out of miniature painting. And because I like his stuff. Very puristic and nice suits to paint.

Well as he already showed the sculpt of my next mini, I can show you WIPs when I've started painting it during the next days. So observe us soonish!

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