Sonntag, 13. Januar 2013

White Scar Captain on Bike finished, a look in a possible future and Ebay Reminder

Hello folks,
today more pictures of finished stuff!
I try to paint a miniature a week this year, sure it won't be done every week but at least I'll try.
So here comes number 2, again a mighty Astartes.

Now this was a quick one!
Took maybe three hours of actual painting time, of cause watching films, eating pizza and drinking some beer with Klaus delayed me :)
Last week was horrible full with work, my studies went into the hot phase and there is no time to paint big projects right now.
As I had some personal trouble I try to paint things that I can actually finish soon, to give myself some
visible success and motivation.
That brought me back to tabletop somehow.
As the Imperial Fists Captain this one is supposed to be a nice gaming miniature.
And as the Fist  should (well, he didn't) this one will go to ebay today.
I will post the auction link later.

While walking home from Klaus place last night I thought about ways to paint White Scars in even shorter time, my good old assembly line work concept and painting some parts before assembly should made the whole thing done quicker.
This leads to the "possible future".
I think I should be able to do a White Scars Army in good time.
And as my future shows big costs for the studies and the new flat, but not really more ways to earn it, it won't be painted for myself.
You will be able to purchase it on Ebay I guess.

What do you think, would an army painted like him look awesome? Many, many bikes, speeders and so on.

I am not sure yet what next weeks miniature will be, but there will be one. Last night showed me again that I need the painting to keep my sanity.

Don't forget to check out Ebay, today 11 auctions end.
And today, a lot new will start as I am clearing my collection.

Read you soon and have a nice Sunday,

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  1. Awesome paintjob for just three hours. Some final highlights / accentuating in GW style would have been the icing on the cake imo, but it looks really good for a TT mini regardless... Should get you some decent money on the bay.