Donnerstag, 10. Januar 2013

Kind of bigger WIPs...

Miniatures are not enough...
ok, actually they would be, but one has to get a job at some point of his life and finishing your study projects helps I heard.
I worked through the night from yesterday 9 in the morning until...well, half past 8 this morning.
The two days before were not better...sometimes I am happy I can't sleep since years, so the long times without the sleep don't hit me as hard as some of my fellow students.
I'll paint an hour, than I'll visit my favorite copy-shop (yes, normal people have favorite bars or clubs...we are everything but normal^^) and after that, two hours of trying not to fall asleep during my class and than...
present the progress, after waiting 4 hours to speak 8 minutes.
Then more working on drafts until I finally can't stay awake anymore, guess at some point between 10 and 12 in the night.
I guess this little insight in one of my normal days explains the at time very long breaks between posts and why there are so few finished projects around here.

The first pic shows a flat of my big draft, no textures or fancy effects yet, just to show how it works and how the rooms float together.
I really love much space and open floor plans.
The second one is a cut through the whole thing, it is small...because the original fills an A1 paper.
My blog isn't big enough to show the details :)
Constructing that roof was hell on earth.

I remembered this blog was my diary for study projects too...before I took my vacation during last summer and forgot about that fact.
I'll try to show some more of it in the future.

Tomorrow I'll pick out the next things that will go up to ebay, if you didn't see this weeks auctions,
you can find them here.

Have a nice day all together,
my White Scar is calling for color.

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