Freitag, 18. Januar 2013

Old study projects - architectural models and some renderings

Time again for an episode of:
What I am doing besides the miniatures.

Yesterday I gave a short introduction class to some software we're using in our studies, cad software, rendering and so on. To have a few files to explain some things, I searched through my old external drive and found some things that I did through the last 3 years.
I really get in love with the models I built, everyone reminds me of people, times of my live and nights without sleep.
So I thought I'd just show you some of them.

The first one is a bike stand that was a theoretical draft, situated at our university .
This one was a hard job, as my work group split a week before presentation and I had to do a new one in just a few days.
I remember gluing these countless staples and my room being an ocean of fluffy tree sponge stuff after it.

These pictures are from an homeless facility that I planned in my second year. We had an empty parcel and should do something with it. I remembered straying through some empty houses there taking photos, where I found countless cellars with sleeping bags and filth, where some people tried to make a living.
So I planned that thing, a place where you could spend the cold nights, get food and a room, some showers and most important, contact to the rest of the districts society. It was placed at a big street where everyone could see it, to force people to notice.
I always hated,  how most people ignore such social problems, as long as they hide in the basements.
The concept also was about the countless old people there, left without a family, spending their life alone.
A place to meet, a place to find new possibilities, explaining the whole idea would take walls of text.
This weren't the best renderings for sure, I was new with the software and experimented.

Some views from different projects...

We didn't learn anything about using your computer to design things, draw blueprints or make pictures, so the early ones aren't that awesome. But I really like them, because there were just few people taking the task to learn everything by themselves and spending the nights over tutorials and such stuff.
Today, they remind me of the importance of working hard, working extra and do something instead of complaining.

That thing was great, the task was to create a cubic house and I hated my academic advisors...
I remember only a few occasions during my first years that were as funny as this presentation.
And they were so flashed with the boldness that it got one of the best marks.

I think I'll show the rest some other day, this post got long.
Well, this were the beginnings and I had some great (and some not so great) memories while posting them.
It's the same with miniatures and everything.
Open your old army cases, boxes, look at some pictures from your first games, old friends, old armies, old great character models that represented you as general...
Memory is one of our greatest treasures I think...

Now I'll work a bit at my present draft, so little time left.

Read you soon,

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