Freitag, 6. Dezember 2013

Door 6 - Friends visiting, Den of Imagination in the Spotlight

We promised some visitors during the Advent Season. We asked them to tell us something about them or give us an insight to their profession. Our first guests are Den of Imagination, an uprising painting service from Poland!
But let them speak for themselves! 

Hello t-raumschmiede Readers.

I’m Dariusz aka Brovatar from Den of Imagination. We were asked to share some insight about our business whitch is suplying gamers with painted models and armies.

We started working as freelancers from the corner of our own houses. The beginings were not that easy but the whole effort was worth it.

Now we have a really proffesionaly equiped painting studio with 5 full time employees and even more part time artists working hard to get your models painted.

It’s a dream job atm but we are not out of the wood work yet. We need to establish ourselfs on the market and get the word out to a wider audience. Things are shaping up pretty good.

The best part about this job is working with really talented people who are dedicated to their work and always try to do a litte bit more for every project. We are all about the quality!

We have plans to launch a line of resin bases to offer a product with our services. For now though, it’s all about painting your models.

You can find our portfolio here!
Also check out our YouTube promo.

Feed your imagination,

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