Montag, 2. Dezember 2013

Day two - Jolly Sculpting in Father Nurgles Name

First I want to say thanks to you, our readers!
Our first tutorial had big impact, over 100 people read it just yesterday. This is pretty much for a Saturday!
It makes us happy little Christmas Gobbos to see you like this.

So lets open the second door, shall we?

Todays video shows you how to sculpt demonic influence on your miniatures, especially my favorite sick chaos god Nurgle. Faces, twisted metal turning into flesh and craters, pocks and other ugly things.

This is really easy and fast to do, I was scared myself first, but don't despair! Grab some putty and add this great effects to your Demons, your enemy will sure be sick of envy. (or Nurgles Rot perhaps...)

Read you tomorrow, when another of Klaus inspiring Base Tutorials hits the road...but what could he teach us?

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