Samstag, 14. Dezember 2013

Door 14 - Finishing the cliff

Ahhh twenty hours of sleep are a good fill for a day. Damn I was so burnt out after the last weeks.
The three day gaming table madness was the final nail in the coffin and my body took what it needed.
But, the day has 24 hours I hear you say....and those 4 were dedicated to you, our beloved readers!

The next three days and doors are ready to upload!

Today I also would like to talk about some things I learned during the last weeks, the gaming table and such stuff, so if you like,

First, if you ever should have the mad idea of filling the time period of, lets say 24 days, with articles, prepare a few months before it! There are many bloggers out there, writing about wargaming, army lists, the painting, terrain, etc...I thought it might be good to share this experience.
The last weeks were basically working in the store and filming the things I did and cutting/rendering/uploading stuff without much time for different things. If my cats wouldn't get their attention while I am working in the PC, I guess the little monsters would be very mad at me now :)

I was very naive starting this thing without enough preparation, but I learned my lesson and next year I'll start recording that stuff in September I guess.

And we are into the second issue, yes there will be an Advent Calendar 2014! The work is exhausting but it makes me very happy and balanced in my soul. I thought we would catch some attention but never thought of that much. (I know, the numbers aren't that big for some blogs out there, but keeping the scale in mind, this is just awesome)

We had around 100 to 200 viewers per day when we uploaded new tutorials or workshop reports during the year , around 60 in the weeks before the Christmas time started. The peak since 1st December was 370!
Even though we can't afford daily giveaways (and besides never would want that) we see you people share the posts, new readers gathering and our work brought to so many people, receiving so kind comments and mails from you. I am so friggin glad, you can believe me.

The gaming table was the top on all of that. It reached the 370 mark, was created in just three days and had it's first big game on it already. I will show you some impressions of the battle with one of next days doors.
Other GW stores asked how to do it, when the final pictures weren't online yet, we had 4000 views on the store's page to the different stages of the process and our final gallery. The customers were happy as if Christmas had come earlier this year. It took all my energy to create this thing in such a short time, but the reactions filled my heart with pride, happiness and enjoyment. I never was so satisfied with  my little job as terrain creator, so happy to have this blog and the ability to spread my experiences through the community.

I don't know where the (T)Raumschmiede will had through the next years, but I am thankful for every person going that way with us.

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