Dienstag, 24. Dezember 2013

Door 24- Ho, Ho, Ho!

Ho, ho, ho brush people!

It's here the final day of our calendar. First at all we want to thank you for reading through all of our articles during the month and the patience with us as we were sometimes a bit late. But I think we can be proud of ourselves -and especially Martin who wrote most of the articles and did night shifts to please you people out there- that we managed 22 (two of the articles count each as two articles) articles with content and this special article.

This article is not filled with content, this article is for a GIVE AWAY as it's christmas today! I hope you can remember the Ultramarine Step by Step from sunday? Well guess what, one of you can win the painted miniature and use it on the battlefield as a seargent who never will fail his master! If you can't remembere here's the link to the article and here the link to some pictures.

To win this minature all you have to do is follow our blog here on blogspot and leave a comment below! You've got time till 01.01.2014 00:00 CET!

So we wish you all a merry christmas and enjoy the time with your beloved ones!


I wouldn't be me if I hadn't some words to say too.
I would also like to use todays post to say thanks to several people!
As I'll leave for Japan soon this is my personal resume of 2013 too!

First of cause you our readers! It filled me with joy that the viewer counts and the subscribers, followers and likers raised day by day through the last weeks. I am happy that this idea went the way I hoped!
My gift for you? Well I promise you 2014 will see a new calendar, and it will be even better, as the past weeks were priceless lessons for us. I learned much about using the medium video to transport knowledge and reducing the videos per week will give the needed time to improve them through the next year. I set my personal goal to at least one video series per month.

 Second Klaus, who helped me out with articles when the rendering took to long and was very important for this blog in general during 2013. He's the one keeping our web galeries alive, as we went beyond the free space for pictures a long time ago. His articles count to our most read ones and I truly admire his development through the last year! Keep on going brother and regain your energies at home, so you may endure another year with your mad blogbrother.

Also thanks to Luke, 2013 didn't see that much from him, but becoming a graduaded doctor of archeology takes its time! I wish you all the success you can get and that you some day may dig out the sleeping city of Rhyl'e ! And than write a god damn article about it ^^

Thanks to our  brothers in the network! Den of Imagination, who where our first guest writers and gave us insight in their business, keep growing and stay mad!
Arsies, you blew my mind with your article and it was way more than I expected. It was an honour for me to have you here, as I truly admire your work and soaked much of your wisdom into my own airbrush process! Some day I'll buy one of your Space Marines, untill than I wish for you that my waiting time because of full commission plans will be hellish long ;)

Thanks to all the people sharing or bidding in our charity auctions, you're great!

And last but definitely not least I want to thanks to my awesome girl for supporting me that much, being my new source of inspiration every day. My dreams are nerdy and to know you are behind me means so much. All the time I took to deliver you the videos went missing on her and I guess we all should say thank you for being that understandingly! Just two more days and I'll be there in Japan!

I wish merry christmas and happy new year to all of you, expect some impressions from Japan soon, and a nerd travellers guide when I invade the Japanese modelling stores!!!



  1. Merry Christmas. It's a pleasure following your posts. Thank you very much

  2. Nice month through the Calendar! Love it dude! Share & Enjoy! Good luck in Japan!

  3. Nice month through the Calendar! Love it dude! Share & Enjoy! Good luck in Japan!

  4. I wish you all a stressless and happy 2014!
    And I hope that I can start the upcoming year with the next level to painting my miniatures as painstakingly as you do.

    By the way, of course I would like win the miniature because I would like to have a sample of a great painted Ultramarine at 1st. for myself and at 2nd. for my both nephews (4 years old, and high interested in that what his uncle is doing with the toy soldiers).

    Well, maybe we have a bit luck : )

  5. This was a real treat. I love the little marine :)

  6. Thank you for the advent calendar! I greatly enjoyed it. Have a happy new year

  7. The advent calendar was something nice to look forward to each day. Great work!

  8. Here? Do I write here? Or...
    ----> There. Hm.... :D

    Happy New Year my Bruddhas :D