Freitag, 13. Dezember 2013

Door 13 - Why did I buy? Kind of miniature unpacked - Cool Mini Or Not "Gallant Knight"

Hello I hope you liked my last miniature unpacked. This time it's about the "gallant knight" from Cool Mini or Not sculpted by Pedro Fernandez.

The miniature comes in a blister, which is easy to open and be closed again. So it's possible if you want to buy it in a store to have a close look at the cast, if the shop staff doesn't mind.

The miniature itself comes in three parts, body, shield and sword. From feet to eyes it's 34 mm high.

I think for this miniature I will only try to pin the hand with the sword, the shield will just be glued to the arm. The cast is nice some mold lines on the sides of the body and on the inside of the legs. Again nothing you can't easily get rid off.

Why did I buy?

The main reason for me this time were the clothes and the scale. I really like those very detailed medieval fantasy clothes, the west, the arms, the waist, the trousers and the boots. Aspecially I like these kind of trousers and puffy sleeves (hope this is the correct term). Also his head and position suit the clothes and theme of this miniature. It makes him really look like a gallant and friendly knight. I can't imagine him to be of bad character, not in the slightest. Again the clothes give a lot of possibilities colourwise, texturewise and contrastwise, which is always a reason for me to buy a miniature.

At the moment I can't really imagine a colour to start with on him, but I think it'll just happen as soon as I start painting on him. For the scene I can imagine him on the market, just standing there looking at things.

So that's it again. I hope you liked this short article.

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