Dienstag, 10. Dezember 2013

Door 10 - The creation of a swamp land gaming table

Today we have something for all the gamers out there! But the diorama builders will also find something useful in there!

This is the first part in our all new tutorial video series, dedicated to the creation of a swamp land gaming table. We learn how to create cliffs from styrofoam, islands from garden earth and big water areas that have a realistic feeling of depth.
Today we will have a look on the cliffs.

We also want to use that opportunity to say thank you again. The first bust of our charity action is sold and reached a price of 222 $! We have 6 running auctions, with 4 participating artists. Keep bidding for the good cause!

Also the advent calender gets great attention and we are happy to see that you like the direction we are taking here. Tomorrow we will have our 200th post, we are one follower away from 90 on blogger and 1 from 100 on facebook. Also our youtube channel is growing. I am really amazed, the whole (T)Raumschmiede grew bigger than I would ever have hoped!
It seems like yesterday, that I had the idea of sharing my painting experience through the web. Almost two years later, with my fellow painters in the crew the feeling can not be described.

I am thinking of something very special for tomorrow...any ideas from your side? Hit the comments!

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