Dienstag, 3. Dezember 2013

Door 3 - Only in death service ends - Step by Step painting the White Scar Vindicator Part 1

Today brings you another video! I think you start to understand why the last weeks and our youtube channel were rather quite.

And to make it even better, its another complete step by step tutorial showing you the making of my latest commission piece, a heavy weathered White Scar Vindicator. I promised this to many of our readers, who asked how the Bike Captain was done. This is my new approach to the armies tanks but don't worry, it can also be used on infantry. Also those will have their own tutorial in the future.

Part one is all about rust, color rich, strong textured rust that will look like fresh falling from our tank.
This is the base for the further process, but is also a nice stand alone on wrecked stuff.

Hope you enjoy!

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