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Door 21/22...-Tasty Ultra Marinara Step by Step

Hello again,

for today and yesterday I'm a bit late again, but I hope that the content of this post was worth the waiting. It's a painting step by step of an Ultramarine in I would call it higher tabletop standard.
I planned to paint an Ultramarine with my airbrush for  a while now, after I saw the step by step by Arsies on how he paints an Ultramarine .


So I chose some parts out of the tactical squad sprue, deflashed them, pinned them, glued them together and filled the gaps with milliput. The shoulder pads, the head and the bolter were still detachable to be able to reach certain areas easier and to paint them seperately as I didn't want to airbrush the head and the bolter blue together with the body. Time to spray foundation on it:

I planned to make some scratches and so on on the armor with the help of maskol. As blue is a bit dark I decided to dab the maskol with a blister spinge directly on the black foundation so that the scratches would be black and have a greater contrast to the blue than a grey or so.

 Airbrush work

Then I sprayed the base tone Tamiya Flat Blue XF-8 on the armour and the shoulder pads, the shoulder pads are still on because I want to catch the same light situation as on the body, which would be harder to achieve if I would paint them completly seperat. They are removable because later on I want to spray some white symbols on them and if they weren't removable I would have to cover the rest of the miniature so that no white paint gets onto other places of it.

As I had problems to take photos of the model (the camera didn't focus on the mini) during the airbrushing process and there is hardly anything to see on the pictures, I first explain what I did and then give you some of the photos....
So first I started with the shadows. First shadow was the base colour and some Tamiya Sea Blue XF-17, second shadow some more XF-17 into the mix, third shadow pure XF-17. I changed the angle from shadow to shadow, going more and more to the bottom till for the last shadow I sprayed from straight underneath the miniature. I also sprayed less and less colour onto the miniature from first shadow to third shadow. I Hope you get what I mean....
For the lights it was the same process but instead of spraying from underneath I sprayed from the top. Colours were for the first light the base colour plus some GD Midnight blue and some Scale 75 artic blue. Second and third light  more and more of the arctic blue. Now the photos:

For the symbols on the shoulder pads Martin cut me those into masking tape with his plotter. Thanks for that. So I put the masking tape stencils onto the shoulder pads and covered the rest of them also with masking tape. 

I sprayed Scale 75 white on the shoulder pads for the symbols. Got rid of the tape and cleaned the boarders as some of the white ran underneath the tape.... Martin told me maybe I should take airbrushing foil as it seems to bend better on the surface and so colour is more unlikely to run underneath it.

Brush Work- Metallics

Next were the metallics on the body and the shoulderpads, ah but before I got rid of the maskol on the miniature. This was kind of annoying as due to the several layers of paint the maskol didn't want to come off that easy and there might be some spots where I couldn't see the wee spots of maskol. Ah yeah back to the metallics.

First a layer of I think it was bestial brown or snakebite leather...can't remember. Then the metallic base colour was Vallejo Game Colour Glorious Gold.

 First shadow some Vallejo smoke. 

Second shadow some scorched brown mixed with Umbra and third shadow pure Umbra.
First light was the base colour and some mithril silver, second light some more mithril silver. Third light was Vallejo Airbrush Colour aluminium with some Glorious Gold. The third light was only for the edges, as aluminium is quite shiny.

Brush Work- The details

After the metallics I painted small lines underneath the scratches and highlighted the edges of the armour with a mix of XF-8, Midnight Blue and more and more Artic Blue. For the edges I did this in several steps becoming more and more brighter, for the scratches I did only one tone for the scratches that were in shadow areas and a second brighter tone for the ones in the brighter areas. 

Then I painted the details in mainly grey tones. The sigil paper was Scale 75 Nacar, shadowed with Umbra and highlighted with more white into the mix and the stamp some blood red, highlighted with more yellow and white and shadowed with my all time favourite colour liche purple. 

The bolter were just grey tones nothing very interesting. Ah the silver maybe, basetone mithril silver, black as shadow (pure thinned black, as always no metallics in the shadow colour) and as lights little dots of aluminium so that it looks a bit dented.

Brush Work- The Face

Now my favourite part, the face. Base layer was Scale 75 Basic Skin. 

First shadow was some Scale 75 Indian shadow into the base colour. 

First light some Scale 75 light skin. 

Second shadow some Scale 75 african shadow. 

Second light was Scale 75 pale skin. 

Third light was some scale 75 white with pale skin.

 Now that I was done with highlights and shadows I tried to bring some life into the face. A glaze of Scale 75 Abyssal blue underneath the eyes, lich purple into the temples and dark flesh underneath the cheekbones.

The eyes were painted with a mix of white and a bit dark flesh and then a black dot, nothing fancy.

Then I tried to give him a hair and beard shadow on the skin with a glaze of a mixture out of Basic skintone, abyssal blue and enchanted blue.

The hairs are base coloured with dark flesh, for the light some basic flesh into the mix. Shadows, I can't remember, I might have just put a fast glaze of umbra over it.

So every part of the marine is painted, time to glue him together:

Brush Work- The Base

Next the base. I took one of Martins casted bases and added some details. 

Primed it with black and started to paint it. Some abyssal blue mixed with white as base colour for the plates. Then I took to strips of masking tape to get a straight line on the boarder of one plate and painted it yellow. 

Then I cut out a thin strip of masking tape, cut it into peaces and put it on parallel on the first to strips to get lines which were painted black to get a warning stripe as the result of the process.

I shadowed the base into the direction of the boarder with abyssal blue and then black. Highlighted the edges of the plates with a brighter grey.

The pot was painted in glorious gold. 

First shadow with dark flesh. 

Second shadow with Vallejo Smoke. 

Third shadow was black. 

First light some mithril silver. 

Second light some alluminium. 

Both lights were painted as small dots for a dented look. The rivets on the base are just mithril silver as basetone and black as shadow, nothing else. 


After some cleaning I glued the miniature onto the base and voilà!

Here are some more pictures, shot with my mobile cam, as I didn't have time to take some proper photos...sorry...going home for christmas tomorrow after work...

So I hoped you liked this article. Read you soonish!

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