Sonntag, 25. März 2012

The Fallen - WIP and Painting Night results

Good Morning to everyone!
Moritz and I are having a little challenge for ourselves, we like to call it painting marathon. From yesterday evening on, we paint and paint, as much as possible. 
Only reasons to stop are eating, a minimal amount of sleep and some hours of enjoying the sun.
This will go on until Monday evening for Moritz, until Tuesday evening for me.

The joy of colors is back, my hands start to shiver again, while not holding a brush and my head is bursting from ideas.
As I hoped, Paris was some  end of my bad time, some place to regain strength and happiness.

First some WIP- shots of the fallen one: 

Moritz decided to sketch out some big cannon for his chaos dwarf army:

Kind of tired, but glad.

Soon Moritz should arrive and I'm ready for another painting session. Let's see how far the fallen one gets today, there'll be pictures for sure.
Have a nice day everyone and enjoy the spring!

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