Freitag, 9. März 2012

WIP, improvisation and an epic evening

Goooood morning world :)
Yesterday began bad, continued worse and ended...epic.
Strange ways of life, I woke up feeling sick, very sick and had to cancel my FREE sushi all you can eat, after that my washer decided to break and  decoloring some of my favorite clothing would be can't say fuck as often as I wanted to.
After  restoring some friend, who vowed he had no hangover, which I still believe was a lie, we decided to sit around, doing nothing until this bad day would be over.
Unpacking our big shisha (or hookah it seems to be called in america) parcel , trying to assemble our new travel shishas (which are really cool, because they are built with empty bottles) and finally smoking ( after lots of tape and good will :) ) we felt ready to...PAINT again.

Well, some might think where's the big deal in that....
for me it is still a fight against myself (and my past) to became such a big part of Sandy's and my life, something we always shared and now it seems strange and kind of wrong to me, to paint without her, knowing that there won't be such times again for us.
It hurts and haunts me but hey, it is my god damn hobby and I enjoyed it years before we met.
Through painting, I found such great friends and so many little happy moments, it would be a shame to lose it.
During that special evening I remembered some words, a very good friend of mine told me last week:
She took your heart, thats fine and will happen again and again. But don't let her take your hobby, or you'll be dead and empty.
And how right she was.
After first brush strokes the magic came back and a few hours later, two projects were some steps closer to be called finished :)

First the base of some gift, the happy owner will be my good friend Moritz, who soon will join this blog.
Some chaos dwarfy thing from Scibor....

Mainly sketching out the lights and shadows with acrylic colors, started wet in wet and had a big part of yesterdays painting time with glazing here and there.

Second the Orc still getting some attention...or more fitting his socket.
More contrast with acrylic and then the most fun part of this whole evening:
My first try outs with oil color used for different tasks then weathering.
The complete middle part of the pillar changed during the process achieving a way better blending form bright to dark I think. All wood parts were redone too.

Today we will have another painting session and I am planning to finish that orc. We'll see how much this plan is worth :)

Aaaaand here our new travel shisha kit, improved with tape, because its absolutely unusable without. 

Guess where Moritz hides in this picture...

Have a nice day everyone !

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