Donnerstag, 22. März 2012

Glittering gifts and friends

Yesterday I received a gift from a good friend.
She works at some jewelry store and had a big bag with broken things.
I think much will end as basing material, some things will have their place at a new book cover.
She told me such bags are also sold there from time to time, so maybe you'll get a chance to have one too if you visit such stores.
My collection of jewelry, cogs and chains grows and grows, this weekend I'll visit a junk market to get some more.

Yesterday also was the last evening Georg was here, we had a bunch of friends with us. I wasn't able to paint, which felt really bad and I sure was angry with myself, but sometimes there isn't the right mood to take your brush.
Some old stuff, memories, stupid thoughts and feelings trouble me this days.

It was a strange day for sure, many people I like with me, good meals and a nice gift, but also this damn feeling of depression. 

Well, let's see what today will bring, me and Moritz will have a painting night.
Read you soon 

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