Freitag, 2. März 2012

Spring and the taste of change...

I am visiting my parents these days, something I do not very often.
Little town, none of my old friends left, and absolutely nothing to do, for the whole city seems dead to me...
still wondering when the first zombi will appear :)
It feels good to talk about things laying in the past, with different points of view today, ending old quarrels and restoring some feeling of family.

But, if there is nothing else here at Hartha, there is a lot of time to think, draw conclusions and remember who I am. The last weeks brought major changes to my life, some things that will effect my works in the near future, some that will change this blog and the idea behind it itself, and some just important to me.

I will pause my studies until October, for I need time to restore my strength, visit some doctors, find new love for architecture and get away from that big mess called university.
After 5 terms without notable breaks I just feel burnt out and thats no good feeling.
So there will be good time to paint, write, take pictures and all that other stuff I used to did.
 I will also have the time needed to update the blog, work at its design and such things.
Aaaand there will be much travelling and visiting of friends and strangers alike.
Start will be a short trip to paris in March, May will bring up a painting class with Derwish in Hamburg, afterwards I will stay a few days at a friends house.

Also the people around me changed, somehow.
My familiy decided to stand together after years of fighting and I'am sure glad I had my part in it.
Old friends turned out gone forever, others found there way back and problems, never thought solveable, are no more.
And last of this, my relationship with Sandy broke, leaving questions and disbelieve.
So it seems, the people around me show a very different spectrum than a few weeks ago.
 And so do I.

Everything feels new somehow, the sun shining again after months of rain and ice, first flowers I didn't notice last year, small things, that make me smile again.

I am curious for the future and feel more alive than I can remember.

Last big change will be at this blog itself:
I am planning on finishing the design during the next weeks, but there are other things then style.
I am happy to welcome a new member (who will introduce himself after his last exam), someone I shared the last 5 terms with.
We bled together when there was no sleep, he helped me out when there was no food or money, we did projects at university together and became very close friends.
I sure wouldn't be the person I am, if not for him.
Together we decided to do something new, a big project to grow with and it will be our own studio.
Sharing our workspace, our time and our knowledge there should be tons of creativity.
So the (T)Raumschmiede will get a very real place to live and our blog will be an insight to this realm of madness...
Our doors will be opened for friends, strangers met at some bar and freaks who stumble into our lifes, that want to share their arts.
With easels, workbench, all kinds of colors, papers and rubbish there will always be the possibility to learn something new, try outs at new materials and mediums...and we will share pictures and tutorials based on that meetings...
So there is big stuff around the corner and I can't wait to get started.
With the chapter of my old life closed, the new one calls and wants to be written.

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