Sonntag, 1. April 2012

Meat, Blood and Eastereggs...

Some of you will know Hackepeter, I decided do redo some things and take better photos of him.
He also joined the Golden Vinci Painting Contest, have a closer look to a nice blog, dedicated to the world of miniatures:
Now this guy is really finished, no more work for him.

If you'd like to vote for him, you can find him here at Cmon:

Today I also started a small new project.
Thanks to Massive Voodoo and their crazy contests, I took a chickens egg and made something...strange out of it :)
The Easter Season Contest has no rules, but to do something with an blown out chickens egg.
Hell, I love such tasks.
This thing really saved my day, for I was kind of depressed and felt broken. Moritz and me crossed a bush, full of colored easter eggs and I decided to fight against my bad mood and do something.

If you wanna do the Easterbunnies work, you'll need the Easterbunnies tools...(Who knows the movie? :) )
And here he is, the brand new Awesome-O-MVE-20-12.
Fearsome war-machine, butler and new mascot to our Blog.
Tomorrow I'll add some rivets and wires and start the painting, not much time left till deadline.

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