Samstag, 10. März 2012

Finished stuff and partypainting

There are still miracles in our world!
I finished something again :)
Today I want to talk about that miniature and some philosophy again.

Let's start with the mini...

This miniature started as some competition between me and Barfrau49 at the german Bemalforum.
We both came home from our painting class with Roman aka Jarhead that took place in Berlin and wanted to try out how fast we could paint a miniature with our new learned skills.
Each one had two weeks to paint an feral ork from Games Workshop.
Well, illness and studies killed my deadline, but I tried to hurry when I actually was painting and in the end, it were 8 hours real painting time.
I learned much about oil colors with this little guy and had tons of fun.
He isn't perfect, for sure and to be honest I am not really satisfied because there could have been much more BUT we wanted a fast paintjob and he is one of the last minis I started during painting evenings with Sandy and I just can't see him anymore.
So I declared him ready.
Feel free to leave a comment, I would be happy if you'd share your thoughts.

Now the philosophy part :)
Yesterday evening turned out a big surprise.
I had planned to paint with a friend of mine, just the two of us and some nice meal before with my room mate and best friend.
Nothing special, same procedure as every year james.
Than Moritz asked to join in and even my best joined us (who doesn't paint or draw at all).
Painting evening always meant sitting there and paint, paint, paint...well it did for me.
Yesterday was different, for we talked the whole time, joked around, drank some good wine and smoked shisha and the smallest part of all was about the hobby...BUT it seemed my orc would paint himself.
I never thought of painting while hanging out with people, who aren't involved but it was great and productive.
And for sure, I didn't laugh that much for weeks.
Maybe this is something you want to try too, like One Night One Miniature there is nothing to loose and much to gain.
Invite some friends (it is good if they draw, craft or do anything creative but it isn't that important) and have fun. I think this doesn't work for everybody, for I know people who sink into their own world while they are painting or who need absolute silence.
It is exactly what I was talking about a few days ago, the philosophy of our blog, our new bring together all kinds of people who enjoy all kinds of arts and crafts.
Exchange of minds and hints from different points of view.
Other people often point out things, a minaiture painter doesn't see because he has his way and is into what he is doing.

In the end, there were nine hours of fun and creativity and good sleep came fast.

I love to paint big and this will be big for sure...
For every one in germany, Pfennigpfeifer (think many cities have them, at least here in saxony) has this damn big canvas for just 11 Euro.

You just paint and without noticing you become some training object..

Our little group

Drawing, painting, stuff...

Have a nice weekend everyone!

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  1. he appears a little blind to me.
    the snapshot concerning the face section (closer look at the head, blood in the jaw, ...): his eyes seem to be blinded, or better, just the one to be seen.

    the question i have is:
    is this effect wanted or just my imagination?
    because concerning the context it would fit (being blinded by the might of the relict)