Dienstag, 20. März 2012

New guy in team ...

Greetings to everyone out there reading this blog.

As promised by Martin aka Farbfanatiker aka "Scherbe" a further "new" member will join the blog... so here i am - Moritz / Metaklon / Edo.

Making it easier to understand my motives i also was involved in the
"Fast molds with two component silicone SI6GB"- Post.
The "who/what/why"- section will receive some update later on where i will give a short introduction to who i am and what my motives are to join this blog.

This leads me to the point where i introduce my next/ first project....

Currently i work on some parts for my "Armies On Parade" plate.
I try to create a rusting fortress wall for my Chaos Dwarfs army (WIP!) by using the
"Instant Rust Set" of TRIANGLE Crafts.

And here a try out on a miniature ...

Regards and keep on happy painting/molding/modelling and enjoying life ;)

Yours Edo

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