Dienstag, 20. März 2012

Painting with...GeOrc

Until Thursday, I'll share my flat with a visitor.
Georg Damm, known as GeOrc, has some business in town and I provided our hobby room as guest room.
I really love meeting new people and my flat is always opened to strangers, for my house mate and I are backpackers and hitchhikers who often stayed a night with people, who neither knew us, nor had a reason to trust us...but did it nevertheless.

I don't regret this decision, for Georg sure is some nice guy to talk and paint with.
This evening he showed me some basics of blending (I have to admit, that for all the done miniatures in my cabinet, classic blending always was kind of tricky to me) and I forgot the time during practice.
Two hours after he went to bed, I am getting tired too and will stop my practice until tomorrow.

Tuesday will be a great day I think, breakfast with some nice girl, work in our GW store, trying to put more battlefields and paintstations into it, and painting evening with Georg.
What more could anyone want?

My big book of wisdom grows wiser again :)
Georg sure knows how to explain his knowledge, visiting one of his workshops now is part of my ToDo list.



Use a paper towel...???
God gave me nice hands....ok, if it is necessary.
Georgs way of painting is quite different, but really interesting.
I think much learned will be combined with my own technique. 

By the way, Paris was great, pictures will take a few more days. Everyone came back alive and happy.
I am curious whether my blendings will be accepted or primed again :)
Good day everyone and read you tomorrow.

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  1. ah, doctor Doom in town. enjoy his stay and give him a cookie or two in my name