Montag, 8. Dezember 2014

Door number 8 - Battle of light and darkness

Good morning everyone. Most will have noticed we've missed a door yesterday.
Right now we all here are very busy and try our best to bring you daily hobby goodness, but sometimes jobs and our families have to come first.

Today the calendar is back with a mission for Warhammer 40k we played in our local store last Halloween.

The mission objectives were candles. One side was the team of darkness, the other the fighters of the light. Before we began, half the candles were lit.

Every time a unit ended their movement at a candle, they could lit it (if they were on the good side) or  put it out. The winner would be the side with most secured objectives, or the side that lit/ put out all candles. The game was played in darkness with flashlights and things like a laser pointer for random lightning strikes.

It was not much different from normal games, but the atmosphere was very cool and the players won't forget it soon.

Every turn i  rolled the number of lightnings on the battlefield, and then used a laser pointer that i random rolled in my hand. where the line would fall, units would be hit.

Maybe you'll have a game in darkness too ? It was really nice seeing the battlefield drowning in shadows and lighting up again, as evil and good tried their best to win.

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